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Surgery Update

Posted on 2005/12/12 24:50:34 (December 2005).

[Monday 12th December 2005]

Frankly speaking I would have thought that the surgery was going to be easier on me that it actually is. I still cannot sit properly, so I cannot update the blog as I would like to, but I think I have sufficient strenght to write a small post.

Basically the op went ok, what is not going ok is the pain that I feel every night, basically it's 12 nights that I don't sleep and this long time is taking quite a heavy toll on me.
Tonight I will have a medical check up with the doctor so I should have some answers from him regarding this condition (that I think is NOT normal....)...

Ok gotta stand up now :( Leg is killing me again :(

Comment 1

The error is that You have been visited by a doctor (MALE doctor I think...)
Why don't you try a nice NURSE (FEMALE nurse)?
In this way your pain doesn't stop but you feel better...
We are waiting for a new, regenerated soccer player, surely better than previous (worse is not possible...)
C U soon!!!

Posted by Ivan at 2005/12/15 11:09:41.

Comment 2

Marvellous Ivan!!! Thanks for coming, will certainly be a better player, but if things continue to go as they are now I think that the football pitch will be a dream for many months to come... :(

Posted by Lox at 2005/12/16 21:50:30.

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