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Posted on 2005/12/17 20:50:44 (December 2005).

[Saturday 17th December 2005]

Laughing and joking seventeen days have passed without being able to do practically anything apart from vegetate.

The is why today I decided that it was time to stick my head out for a bit, so I went out for lunch with my dad.
Unfortunately the occasion was not one of the best, as it seems that he too has to get a surgery, to his right eye, as there is a detachment of the retina which might be dangerous in the future.
Of course he was not too happy about it, I really hope everything goes well, but it was strange to play the "don't worry everything will be fine" part while I am still recovering from my surgery...

In the afternoon managed to "walk" for a bit with my mum, went to the supermarket to buy a couple of things, by the end of it I was totally knackered.
It is clear that I am really unfit and that all this movement is only good as brings the system back to normality.

Shame that the pain and general nuisance from the joint has not gone away yet. I am not fighting it anymore, I take it for granted, sooner or later I hope it will wear off and I'll be able to be back at normal.

Another important point of being sick is that I have done practically no presents at all. This is quite shite because I like the shopping bit, but there was no way around it. I delegated my sister, Marta and my Mum to buy them, I will be the "capital mover", so to speak.

Today I have also spent quite a bit of time at the computer, which means that I watched no TV. I already feel a lot different, my brain was going to be a pulp...

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