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Crutches and Lasers

Posted on 2005/12/20 10:07:04 (December 2005).

[Monday 19th December 2005]

Today my rehabilitation program stated "full blast", meaning that I will attend the jym three times every week. Together with the usual physical work, I am now allowed to undergo a Laser therapy, where basically a nice little laser heats up the part onto which it's projected (a rudimental microwave oven for my understanding).
This treatment should help me in reducing the bruises and the leakage of liquid around the knee.

I am now walking with only one crutch, nothing major but it's an improvement.
The strange thing is that the improvements on the leg in regaining movement capabilities, are not followed by the same improvements in pain reduction. A bit of a bad feeling if you ask me...

Real life is also picking up again, this week I am planning a night with some friends to watch the football, a night playing very complicated board games such as Snakes and Ladders, and a couple of afternoons out, simply walking around the block, maybe popping at the news agent to buy some comic.

Work falls hardly into this picture, it has been 20 days without a thought about it, of course I receive a lot of phone calls and emails, but it's not the same as I am not there. Surely under the mind point of view there will be an improvement at the end of this period.
On the other side now that I feel a little better it's also a good time to start looking for chances here in Florence, that was part of my little plan from the start, let's see if I get a bit more lucky!

Comment 1

Hi lox, happy to hear you're recovering. do you know that a Pugi dinner is scheduled for friday the 23rd at Ivan's home? We all hope to meet you there.

Posted by Federico at 2005/12/20 24:24:43.

Comment 2

Will most certainly attend, also because I can finally sit for more than 5 minutes after 20 days!! :)

Posted by Lox at 2005/12/20 14:51:44.

Comment 3

There you are Lox, I told you it would get better in time. One crutch already that's super.

Posted by Mad Mumsie at 2005/12/20 15:16:41.

Comment 4

You were right MM! It's so hard to believe at first when people tell you that you will get better, now I have to keep up the good work! :)

Posted by Lox at 2005/12/21 08:27:52.

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