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Posted on 2005/12/23 12:07:42 (December 2005).

[22nd December 2005]

Today was quite uneventful, did my home training, played a lot of computer games, had lunch and dinner.
In the evening there was a meeting with my friends to play Role Playing Games (RPG from now on), one of the things that I have been doing since I was thirteen, and that I still like to play.
It's a way to get away from the real world, to relax the brain and to be together with the people whit whom I shared a lot of experiences and a lot of "life".

Tonight Francesco, one of my best friends, said that he will have to move to Rome for work. He doesn't know for how long, it should happen early in January.

On one side I am happy, it's a work related move, he's been looking for a job for quite some time, and although he's a genius (a real one trust me) he didn't have a lot of luck in the Florentine territory, pretty much like me (though I am no brainer).

On the other side I felt a bit sad. Ok I am not living here, so technically it will not change anything for me, but this period in Florence got me inside my old state of mind, I almost feel like if I have never moved away from here.
Probably what saddens me is the fact that I do put a lot of importance into friendship, I greatly value the group of people here and seeing a piece of this group (an important one to me) going away, makes me feel as if I am going to miss something.

We are all dreamers, in my day dreams I can see myself moving back to Florence and kick start the old life style that I had here, maybe playing 5 a side football on Saturday mornings, or seeing my friends for a game at Doungeons and Dragons or even going out for a movie or a nice dinner laughing and chatting away.
In a way with him going it feels like there is no more point in coming back here, though I know that it's not like that.

But it's a piece of the jigsaw that it's taking it's own route (as it's right for him to do), and I can't avoid feeling a little lonely.
Of course there are many more friends still remaining here, so it's not a tragedy, but it feels like one of those key point in one's life that it's worth thinking about.

Strange isn't it? I live half of the year abroad, travelling by myself to distant countries, spending a lot of time on my own, and if I look back at when I was twenty, I can clearly remember that I would have done anything possible in order to never be alone.
Life brought me to take completely opposite decisions, which is scary, because it seems that I have sold myself and that I completely botched all the decisions taken after I came back to Italy.

Nasty night ahead of me, this 2005 better finish off soon, my 30th year of life is not one worth remembering I am afraid.

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