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Approaching New Year's Eve

Posted on 2005/12/31 24:47:19 (December 2005).

[26th - 30th December 2005]

Once again I find myself grouping a bunch of days together, mostly because there wasn't really anything worth talking about. The knee is still giving me troubles to sleep at night, and as you can understand the day is usually rather "slow and sleepy". I am getting fed up with it, it's now 1 exact month of non sleep and I fear that I am going to pay this sooner or later.

On the good news there is Marta, she came to visit me on the 29th and will stay over at my place till the 3rd of January. We didn't have much chance to go out unfortunately, I have had my rehab to follow so a whole afternoon went away.
It was interesting to visit the German Pub on the 29th night. It's a chain store I think, they serve mostly weiss-bier, food is crap but the drinks are good.
We met there to discuss what and who we are going to be for new year's eve, and most importantly where the usual dinner is going to take place. The result was a 14 people partly at Elena's place, it will feature 3 different entrees, 2 first courses, 2 second courses + vegs and at least 3 different cakes.

Yes I know, another eating fest!!:)

Everyone is in charge of making something, but I will not disclose the details today will talk about it on the 1st when I will write something about the party.

On the 30th we even managed to go to the cinema to see "History of Violence". The movie was quite bad in my opinion but I have to admit that the violence scenes were really well made.

It's a strange feeling every New Year's eve. I can't stop thinking about all the good propositions for the next twelve months, hoping that they will be better than the ones that just passed. I guess that everyone thinks in the same way more or less, but I believe that we don't really have a good chronological memory of how the year that is leaving us has really been. in this sense a blog such as this one is a useful thing, reading old posts helped me in understanding how I was feeling and what was happening 4 or 5 months ago.

Anyways, time to go prepare the food, to all of you readers, have a smashing 2006, I hope that it will be a great year for all of us!

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