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"Hippocamping" substitute for Walking?

Posted on 2006/01/04 12:32:52 (January 2006).

[3rd January 2006]

The biggest piece of news today is that I managed to sleep 5 hours. Not the usual 3 crappy one, but a whole 5 hours where there for me. I cannot understand if that was part of the sleep that I didn't have in the last month catching back, or some sign of improvement, but I woke up mildly rested after a long time.

The bad news is what happened yesterday at the re-hab, where basically the physiotherapist told me that I have to stop walking without crutches, and that I still need to use at list one stick.
To be honest I vexed the knee during New Year's Eve, and that was the result of a whole night of foolishness I guess.

On the other side that was quite a big blow to my "mental" health, usually they say that you start feeling better from your mind, and now I feel as if I have taken a big step back in my recovery.
I have to face the fact that the knee is still swollen more or less the same since the blood was drained almost 1 month ago, so even if movement greatly improved the inflammation that is a result of the surgery doesn't seem to get better at all.

I feel as if I am walking backwards and not forward, like a sea horse (or Hippocampus as you prefer).

Today I went out with Marta at the biggest mall that we have here. I really wanted to go to the center of Florence but my conditions are not good enough to dare walking on a pavement, and in the end the choice was good because I didn't feel well at all and I had to stop several times to sit down on the benches at the mall.

We went there mostly to buy the Christmas presents that I didn't have a chance to buy her before, but unfortunately we didn't find anything, all my ideas turned out either too crap or nonexistent in the several shops there.
Gutted is an euphemism that I could use to describe my state at the end of the brief visit.

We then went back home to get ready for the dinner out with my father and Patrizia, his partner.
The venue was a typical Florentine "Trattoria", where we had a quite good meal, nothing special but nice. The high point of the evening was the "Fiorentina Steak" that we ordered, it was banned because of mad cow disease a long time ago, and it has been reestablished recently for the joy of many italians.
The Fiorentina Steak cut it's pretty much like a T-Bone.

Back home it was already time to go to bed, the trick is to see how many hours will I be able to put on tonight, tomorrow Marta will be back home, and yet again I am really upset because I think that I didn't show her a good time in Florence, as we hardly gone out at all...

Oh well, there will be other chances!

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