Lorenzo Pirisino

Sunday boring Sunday

Posted on 2006/01/08 19:12:46 (January 2006).

[8th January 2006]

The title says it all. I have done practically nothing today, apart from being woken up quite early by my mother as she returned from her holidays in Sardinia.
The usual training, the usual computer games, I even tried to get some of my friends to go out a little, but to no avail.

The leg is ok, I guess, but I get tired of walking very quickly so even a stroll in the center of Florence (I love to go there and so far I didn't get a chance to go) can prove quite hard for me.

Oh well, tomorrow will be busier, more re-hab, the company will re-open and I will be stormed by phone calls and such, life will get slowly back to normal!

High spot of the day has been the present that I received from my sister, a mask made by an artist in Sardinia, quite nice, I need to find a place to hang it now!

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