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Check Up and Paris

Posted on 2006/01/11 12:32:07 (January 2006).

[10th January 2005]

Today I have had the check up with the surgeon that operated me. Apparently everything is fine, though he had to draw yet more liquid from the knee.
This time instead of blood it was a clear "synovial" liquid, this is good of course, and all in all I think that the recovery, albeit slow, is going ok.

The syringe brought me back 1 month ago, when I was terribly in pain compared to now. It's funny how physical pain is something that one tends to forget (apart from remembering that you were in pain), I mean the precise extent of the pain that one suffered is forgotten pretty quickly. Maybe it's a self defence mechanism, to help a man go on with his/her life.

I have also received a nice relaxed phone call from my boss, asking how I was etcetera etcetera.
I managed to sneak in the fact that I most probably will not be featured in the next Textile Fair in February. Mostly because it's a very stressful time for us, and more than everything, you have to continuously stand up and sit down all day for 10 hours at least.
Not the best thing to do with the knee in this state.

He wasn't happy of course, but there is little that he can do, now I am waiting for a usual frontal attack where he'll try to coerce me to go, but that will have to wait until I am there, if I know my chickens (italian expression to say:if I know the people around me well enough).

We'll see. Of course I hope that I will not go to Paris because I moved back here with a new job, from tomorrow I will start calling a couple of old contacts that might help me, let's see, it's time to get lucky (or die trying), 2005 was quite shite for me under that point of view, I like thinking that fate owes me one!

Comment 1

If I may: Fuck your boss!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/01/12 13:37:41.

Comment 2

Of course you can! :) I am waiting to get a new job so that I can do it (not phisically but metaphorically speaking).. :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/12 17:14:34.

Comment 3

Metaphorically? No way. Let's kidnap him in a car park. We pin him against the wall, take off his pants, insert a giant dildo up his arse and fuck him all night long!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/01/13 07:46:19.

Comment 4

Mmmmmm Interesting... will you help me in this course of action? He's short and sturdy, might be heavy to lift! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/13 11:04:38.

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