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RPG, Outlets and Soccer

Posted on 2006/01/20 12:59:25 (January 2006).

[17th-19th January 2006]

Nothing much to report during these days, I have played yet another game at the usual RPG with my friends, which was pleasant.

I also went to see a very famous Outlet store near Florence, this time I was amazed to see that a very nice Luxury Brands Shopping Mall was created in the middle of nowhere 20 miles away from Florence.
I was particularly struck by the number of people that were there on a THURSDAY, most of them were foreigners of course (90% Asian), but still they must make a lot of money.
Unfortunately I didn't find anything that pleased me enough to force me into a buy.

Eventually on the 18th Fiorentina played again, this time I couldn't go with my mates to see the match as by the way the pay-tv system is here in Italy, there are some teams that are only shown on certain TV circuits, this means that usually people would get a connection with SKY (that has most of the teams) but the other channels are left untouched.
So we had nowhere to see the match and I had to use the radio.
The radio has proven quite unlucky, as in the only two occasions that I have used it (the last time was at the beginning of December after the surgery), Fiorentina has lost badly...

No more radio in Florence for the matches from now!

All in all I feel only now that I am partly on a big holiday, I still have to do rehab, but I am free to move now so life is going back to normal.

Finally, let's hope the leg improves more and more, I can't stand being half injured for much longer!

Comment 1

Take me this outlet next time !!
Do it rehabilitation without neglect !
See you soon

Posted by Kutsu at 2006/01/20 24:43:34.

Comment 2

Will do Kutsunugi san! But it's near Florence you must come to stay in my house! It's an officlal invitation!

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/21 02:01:23.

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