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Staying up Late

Posted on 2006/01/29 16:56:26 (January 2006).

[28th January 2006]

Today was quite calm, didn't do much in the afternoon, save the usual rehabilitation, and Ihad bad feelings about the evening as a couple of people were away from Florence and I didn't hear anything from the usual group of friends that hang out with.
As a result I decided to call Simone, one of the friends with whom I shared a lot of Role Playing Games experiences, and arranged to go and see him for dinner.

We cooked a nice curry, and some Cajun style potatoes and broccoli, had a marvellous chat and played Playstation 2 for hours.

Eventually we also got talking about serious things too, as I said we have a very strong relationship even if we don't see each other a lot.
Unfortuantely it's not a great period both for him and me, but it was good to talk about it, I find that it helps put things in prospective.

The funny side is that we started talking to stop only around 3,20 AM! Well, we had a lot of catch up to do...

I'll miss being able to stay up late talking about the world, feelings, happiness, sadness, and whatever else make us human. In 7 days I will be back up in Vedano, sometimes if feels like a time bomb that I am not able to stop...

Oh well, it won't be that tragic, but it won't be a healty stroll in the park either.

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