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Staying up Late

Posted on 2006/01/29 16:57:11 (January 2006).

[28th January 2006]

Today was quite calm, didn't do much in the afternoon, save the usual rehabilitation, and I had bad feelings about the evening as a couple of people were away from Florence and I didn't hear anything from the usual group of friends that hang out with.
As a result I decided to call Simone, one of the friends with whom I shared a lot of Role Playing Games experiences, and arranged to go and see him for dinner.

We cooked a nice curry, and some Cajun style potatoes and broccoli, had a marvellous chat and played Playstation 2 for hours.

Eventually we also got talking about serious things too, as I said we have a very strong relationship even if we don't see each other a lot.
Unfortunately it's not a great period both for him and me, but it was good to talk about it, I find that it helps put things in prospective.

The funny side is that we started talking to stop only around 3,20 AM! Well, we had a lot of catch up to do...

I'll miss being able to stay up late talking about the world, feelings, happiness, sadness, and whatever else make us human. In 7 days I will be back up in Vedano, sometimes if feels like a time bomb that I am not able to stop...

Oh well, it won't be that tragic, but it won't be a healthy stroll in the park either.

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Finally I write something on your totally useless page! It seems like nobody is interested in your last messages, so I'll have mercy of you and jot down something.
By the way, Are you going to make this more interesting by adding pictures of our past ramblings all over the world? Spain? Morocco? Lofoten?

So you spent a nice evening with Poggè; did he tell you he was about to leave? Is he in mission elsewhere? I tried to write him but there was no response! OK, if you hear any news about him, let me know...

Bye bye

Posted by Lank at 2006/01/31 10:31:38.

Comment 2

AHA! Stoneface... Nice to have you here, thanks for the message. As a matter of fact there are posts going totally un-commented, but that doesn't mean that nobody reads them! :) Oh well, anyways thanks for coming by, I hope you become a regular as I have asked you a gazzillion times before! :)
Simone should be in Italy for the rest of the month apart from a brief stop in Portugal, that's as much as I know about his movements in the future.

Pictures from Morocco and Lofoten and Spain (the few that I have got) will be added, but that requires both time and a fast connection, so we should see them in the future... Keep posting my friend, might the dragon enlight your steps in the future too...

Posted by Lox at 2006/01/31 11:55:42.

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Hi Lox, so you're going back to Vedano. That's sad :-( When will you be leaving Firenze? I hope you'll organize a big goodbye party before leaving.

P.S. For Lank: Some posts have no comments because sometimes readers don't have anything smart to say about them. If you don't like it that way you can always post your comment :-P :-P

Posted by Federico at 2006/01/31 24:57:10.

Comment 4

Ciao Fede, it should be Saturday the day of my departure for Vedano, as for the party I am trying to cocnoct something for Friday... Let's see what I can do..

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/01 12:46:39.

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