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RPG Last Session?

Posted on 2006/01/31 11:48:17 (January 2006).

[30 January 2005]

.... the tzymisce vampire runs towards the door, the corridor is covered in human skin, mouths and several arms are protruding from the walls and celling.
The whole structure seems to have a life of its own, a primordial form of search machine, moving and talking in a soft voice, words that you cannot understand, from an ancient civilization.

The bruja is on the ground embraced to the toreador in a dance of death and blood, careless of what is happening around them.

Suddenly your attention is drawn to the giovanni vampire, your ally in many battles, he smiles confidently at you, while holding a strange pose, with his right arm directed towards the vampire, the index stretched as if he was touching something in mid air.

You realize that he managed to touch the fleeing zimitsce with his dreadful powers, all of a sudden when your enemy has walked half of the corridor it falls on the ground motionless.

Time to act, a quick dash towards the vampire, arms opened like a falcon about to strike its prey, the talons coming out of the back side of your hands, like another set of steel and bone fingers.
A quick double swipe, coordinated, precise, like the scythe of the reaper cuts through the grain in the summer, the head of the vampire falls to the ground with a deaf sound that means that your groups fatigues are finally over.

Screams from the walls, screams from all over the castle salute the death of the master, the toreador lies dead at the feet of your bruja companion, it's time to take the bounty and go home, rewards and rest await you and your friends for many years to come....
Maybe centuries...

This is the end of the adventure that I have finished today. I joined in the group at the end and we managed to finish it off tonight.
I can't express how happy I am to have been able to play RPG after a long pause that lasted 5 years. I really miss playing these games, I really miss being with my friends. (starting from me, on the right there is Simone, Stefano, Massimiliano and Duccio on my left).

Needless to say that this is the last section of game for now, as I am going back on Saturday I will miss what is to come, but at least I managed to play for a considerable time (2 months) and I should consider myself lucky for that!

To the next time then, let us hope it will be soon in the future, maybe a little longer than 2 months, maybe because I am finally back here...

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