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The first day of Work

Posted on 2006/02/09 16:44:50 (February 2006).

[8th February 2006]

Finally after 2 months I have decided to go back at work today, although my sick leave would cover until the 13th. Probably the fact that I already moved up North played a strong role in this decision, here I really have nothing to do and spending idle days at home is quite pointless.
So back to work in the new offices.

Of course coming back is always nice; you have to tell a gazillion people what you have done, when, how and so on. You feel at the center of the attention for a small spell, all in all a good experience.
Work wise it's a rather bad period for the company, meaning that as a result there is little to do here in the office, which means a lot of free time to play with.

Another piece of good news is the fact that today the boss is out in Germany, so it has been a very "nice soft landing".

In the evening I went to see Bogio and Paola. They have Sky in their house so I could watch Fiorentina winning a very important match against Inter Milan, I think I came close to a heart attack at least 4 times but we managed to get the result that I hoped.

In the end it was a good day, not so eventful but rather nice nonetheless, surely I was expecting a much nastier return to work..

Comment 1

I hope you didn't get over exicted and jump and and down shouting the Italian equivalent of Hurrah and forget you have had a bad knee!!

Posted by kev at 2006/02/09 17:12:03.

Comment 2

tha would be hard my knee doesn't miss an occasion to remind me that it's in a bad shape... :(

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/09 22:04:14.

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