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Day Two and a Gust of Change

Posted on 2006/02/11 09:21:06 (February 2006).

[9th February 2006]

Today my boss was back at "home" so I was expecting the usual pressure and bullshit arguments that have characterized the relationship with the people in the office lately.
Luckily it wasn't this way, at least for today, so I have had a quite tranquil second session back at work.

Workwise there are a lot of things that I have to get back into, mostly all my statistics and numbers, as from home in Florence I was in contact every day with the office meaning that I was already aware of all the problems that occurred to the market and to the company.
The move to the new offices has created a lot of miscommunication with the factory, hence a lot of delays, quality issues and so on, but this time I have decided that I am not going to loose not 1 minute of sleep over these self inflicted crap
On the good side there is only the fact that we eat very well at lunch.

Late in the afternoon, a bit like outside where a very cold wind was blowing, a gust of change seemed to have slip through the huge open space where we work.
Marta will most probably leaving our division soon.

She's been offered an Area Manager position for another section of the company where we work, she'll be able to travel to Japan for the first time, an opportunity that she is longing since she came to the company 5 years ago.
Of course I am extremely happy about it, it's a very good chance for her, but I also told her that she has to be very careful, as she is on a low wage and she must do anything to get a raise soon.
The way this company seems to work is to leave these matters "for later".

So the bottom line is that she is leaving us, the office, and of course she will leave the customer care part of her job for the Japanese market, creating a huge amount of problems to me as apparently they will employ another lady to do her job (but this person will have to be instructed from start).

I am waiting for them to make it official, then I'll complain to my boss (once more), as he's saying that we all have to do "more", "better" and this and that, but the bottom line is that all the people who are extremely experienced in their work are leaving the office and I think it's impossible to replace them with newbies and hope to do better than before.

Fact is, apart from being happy for Marta, I don't give a flying fuck about it, I just hate people telling me that 2+2 equals 5, this is something that I cannot stand.

Anyways until she signs something there is no officiality, let's hope that the new customer care is a nice lady, maybe even good looking! :)

Comment 1

I ask you to offer my congratultions to Marta for her new position. But you shouldn't be thinking about good looking ladies. Otherwise Marta will have to test her dish-throwing skill with your head as a target :-)

Posted by Federico at 2006/02/12 13:01:28.

Comment 2

I have tried to read this, but currently I appear too drunk - sorry about that! Will try again tomorow.

Posted by John at 2006/02/12 13:46:21.

Comment 3

Fede: Very true but you know how it is... :) Of course Marta is still in the same company oso it would be quite UNWISE from me to have an affair with someone there... :P
I like the dish throwing skill idea though! :)

John: Nice try anyways!

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/12 18:13:22.

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