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Late night at work

Posted on 2006/02/19 12:04:50 (February 2006).

[17th February 2006]

In the last three days I have had quite a busy schedule, as the Japanese agent with a bunch of clients flocked the offices nonstop.
In a way it was a positive thing, it got me back into the working mentality, and got me out of a ultra boring presentation of the collection meeting. This time there were four different collections being presented and the fact that I managed to save 3 hours of boredom and bullshit is already a positive thing.
Negative was the attitude of our head designer and her attache, who sort of hinted that I should have come and that it was rather "convenient" that I had clients during the time allotted to the "show".
I wished I had a nasty sarcastic retort ready to fire, but I didn't have it and I kind of let it pass.

If this happened 2 years ago I would have probably started an argument or something similar, so in the end it was good not to reply to the stupid comments and to tell them that "yes it was convenient to have the clients around..".

Marta will leave rather soon, and YET I have not been told anything officially and we do not know who is going to replace her. I told the agent about it, of course he wasn't happy, but yet again I have to remember that she is leaving for a better opportunity, let's hope she manages to do good.

In the evening I had to stay with my boss in the office until 9 PM to do all the pricing of the articles. Had an interesting discussion with the mega-boss of the company about the way we calculate the price lists and everything, it was funny to see my boss trying to climb up a mirror defending the (completely irrational) way we calculate costs and margins...

Lat night meant no rehabilitation today...

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