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All by Myself

Posted on 2006/02/23 20:36:16 (February 2006).

All by Myself

[21-23 February 2006]

This week all my colleagues went to the (in)famous fair in Paris, to the usual textile show that we attend twice every year. In the last five years I haven't missed this appointment, but this time, because of the knee I didn't go.
All in all I thought it was a good thing not to go, I don't like the place all that much and the work that we do there is quite heavy, long hours standing, talking, shaking hands and smiling tirelessly.

I was not prepared on the other side to deal with all the work that was kindly awaiting for me in the office, having to do the job that normally 4 people do (all the sales assistants), I can calmly say that if we put the two experiences on a weightscale there is little difference.

It has been incredible to have three phones ringing at the same time while speaking on another one to the people in Paris requesting information about this article or that client in real time.
At some points it has been quite heavy, also because the new way of dealing with internal procedures (after we moved away from the factory) is everything but working.

To increase the good feelings the weather helped a lot.

In the morning a nice blanket of fog have been unfolding over the quite boring surrounding that I have to pass by when going to work, I couldn't help feeling like when you go to bed and both the materass and the covers are cold as ice and you cringe when inserting your tired legs into the depths of the bed, looking for a warmer spot that only time (and blood pressure) is able to give you...

Cold weather aside I really worked my arse off, feeling very tired at night almost incapable of doing anything interesting.

What pissed me off most though is my knee. Unfortunately after a couple of days of relatively good responses from the injured limb, I started feeling pain again all around it, sign that there is still some principle of inflammation on the outer tendons and muscles.
This is definitely not good news, the doctor warned me against this problem, telling me that if the situation gets worse I might have to rest for another month.
Hardly something that I want to do, especially here.

Next week I'll be off to Florence again, to see the surgeon and physiotherapist, I hope that I can get a good check up and that my position might be clearer, the trip to Japan is getting close, three more weeks to wait, and I definitely do NOT want to miss on that.

In a way I am putting a lot of hopes into that, as if after that trip I will have a different life and so on. The sad truth is that I will not be any different when I come back (apart from being older), workwise all my endeavors in Florence have paid little close to nothing. In reality the trip to Japan is a way to escape this place.

Oh well, we'll see, Marta is of course leaving for the new company, this will be another source of stress and tension, but at least things for her are improving, so I guess I have to look at the bright side there...

When will it be my turn?

Comment 1

I feel so sorry for you, you poor bastard! I think you badly need a girl...!
As for the knee... you know,... Italian surgeons...! I don't think much of it, really!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/02/23 22:52:53.

Comment 2

How is your condottiero (referring to Berlusconi)? Not in jail, yet? How are you gonna get rid of this plague?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/02/23 22:59:26.

Comment 3

Ciao Sheri!! Don't get me started on that man (don't wanna say his name either"") It's the worse thing that happened to Italy since Romolo and Remo built Rome 4000 years ago!

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/24 09:42:44.

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