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Another Lazy Weekend

Posted on 2006/02/27 10:09:27 (February 2006).

[25-26 February 2006]

Yet again the weekend came knocking at my door, expecting to be entertained by me a way or another.

And yet again he slipped away on sunday night after I have managed to disappoint every hope of having fun and/or doing something different.

I could hear him singing along something like this (on the world famous Bangles tune):

It's just another boring Sunday
I wish it was Monday
'Cause that's more of a funday
My "at least I do something"
It's just another God damn Sunday

Of course I am exagerating... :P
Looking at the positive sides, on Saturday night we went out to see Paola, and have a nice dinner there. Marta brought back some extremely vicious cheese from France, so before he decided to kill us during the night (the main course "Mont' D'Or" I am sure it had a will of its own!!) we had to get over with them soon.

All in all the dinner was good, I have managed to see Fiorentina playing on Saturday night, though all the kids in the house didn't really let me watch anything of it. The important thing is that we won, and that the night passed quite quickly without any major incidents...

Sunday was a let down again. The sun did come out, but I don't feel very confident in walking around with the leg in thin conditions, so in the end I spent the whole day at home, day that was crowned by a dodgy quality DIVX of the latest Harry Potter movie.
I really don't see why anyone would spend his/her time downloading movies, all the time I have been given a divx et similaria, the quality is shite, audio is strange and all in all the movie suffers a lot from it...

Of course I am no download virgin, and maybe (like in this case) I can overlook poor quality if the movie that I watch is one on the "not so interesting/let's take a peek" list.

After the rowlingesque experience ended (by the way the movie is not THAT bad at all), the weekend said goodbye, I did tell him that next week I will be in Florence, so hopefully it will be different.

I am quite looking forward to see my friends and to the medical check up, then it will be the week before leaving to Japan, and when I am back here I will be one year older...


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Mmmm...! This is a serious case. I should confer with my colleagues and decide with them if your miserable life is worth extension...

Posted by Sheri at 2006/02/27 11:12:14.

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