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Driving Lessons

Posted on 2006/02/28 09:23:03 (February 2006).

[28 February 2006]

As I started my route to work today, I couldn't help but thinking about the fact that my morning life has changed recently. The move to a different place implies 20 kilometers of drive that we usually didn't have to do, not a major tragedy, but a new set of experiences altogether.

First of all I need to see the fuel station guy a lot more than usual. This is just a bad experience, expensive and unwelcome.

I get to listen to the radio a lot more than usual, though my car stereo doesn't properly qualify for the "stereo" medal (it's a second hand broken up stereo salvaged from Marta's car when she sent it to the junkyard), it does the job of picking some radio waves (or maybe microwave oven), and play some sound.
Yeah allright I am all stingy, but until 3 weeks ago I never needed a car stereo at all, as my usage of the car has been close to none.

I like driving, I like experimenting a variety of "shortcuts" that I think will get me there in no time, though seldom this seems to be the case.

I also get to unload a lot of bad feelings, tension and so on on the random cars that I encounter. That is the worse part.
Once I start the engine of my 106, I need to get to work as soon as possible. So far the record has been 23minutes CAR PARK ----> BADGE READER (or whatever you call it) for a whopping 20 Kilometers (+ 5 minutes walk from the car park to the badge reader).
Hardly a Ferrari speed, but considering rush hour traffic it has been the best so far (though I count to improve it further).

The classic stereotype of the Italian shouting at everything a tad slower than speed of light fits perfectly my case.
Paraphrasing Thomas Grey 's "Elegy written in a Country Churchyard", I could be considered as a Formula one driver that will never be...

Some mute inglorious Raikkonen here may rest,
Some Schumacher, guiltless of his country's blood.

Oh well, I have to admit an hidden pleasure at slagging off everyone that crosses my way, utter blasphemies in high pitched voices, gesture like a madman every time the car in front of me breaks for a curve or a roundabout.

The good side is that I arrive at work already "tired" of fighting, meaning that a lot of bullshite falls off me like water on the duck's back.

Tonight I am driving to Florence, three days of oxygen for my brain is what I needed before leaving for Japan!

Comment 1

The idea of Pirisino driving insanely in the Maughe's wastelands is terrifying. The simple idea of Pirisino driving is terrible, too. There must be a reason for the fact that in Florence you're always brought around by someone else, like me or Stefano... I can easily imagine your devilish expression while you curse other drivers with insane gestures, and you make victims of poor innocent old people...
God (or someone else), please protect us!

Posted by Lank at 2006/02/28 11:40:21.

Comment 2

Hi Lox, glad to hear you're coming to Florence. Will you be staying till the weekend? We sholud try to meet before you go back to the maughe.

Posted by Federico at 2006/02/28 13:23:51.

Comment 3

For the non-italians MAUGHE is a terrible way of tdescribing the place where I live now. It's like a swmpy-boggyish wasteland, where it always rains and the sun don't shire... Basically here up north! :)

Fede: You will be in touch tomorrow!
Lank: Are you going to be there at all, or do you prefer Nazi Rome instead?

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/28 14:51:59.

Comment 4

If it comes to swearing at people when driving, I beat you easily, my good friend! Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde, t'avance, oui? connard! Trou du cul puissance 4. Enculé de ta mère! Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait chier, la grosse vache? .............How does it sound?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/02 08:50:11.

Comment 5

Sheri: MARVELLOUS!!! Though I couldn't make sense of it all, you are certainly a pro! :D

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/02 11:17:09.

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