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Un-Perfect Day

Posted on 2006/03/02 11:14:45 (March 2006).

[1st March 2006]

The first day of Spring is certainly the worst day of the year for me, so far.

I woke up in Florence, which is a good thing, but right after 1 hour I was down misery lane after I have got a call from a colleague saying that in the company they introduced the new sales assistant that is going to replace Marta on my markets.
A little story has to be done here.
I am the market responsible and I have an assistant. The management needs a salesperson in another division and they thought that Marta could do the job, therefore they decided to offer her the position.
So far nothing wrong. The wrongdoing begins when they decided not to tell me anything about it (I do not want to be part of the decision process, but I think that it’s fair to at least tell me something before offering her the position), they keep everything secret (though half of the company knew about it already), and then decide to introduce the new person when I AM NOT THERE!!!!
I won’t add the fact that this person has 8 months experience, that I am leaving next week to Japan and also Marta will be going away, though she has a whopping 5 working day to teach her everything that we did in 5 years.
Oh, did I mention that she can teach her only half day because the other half needs to be spent in the office with the person that she is going to replace?

It’s clear that they want to put me in a bad working condition so that I will resign, they cannot fire me as they ‘d need to pay me dear money if they did.

To follow the marvellous start of the day I went to the physiotherapist to take a look at the knee. Basically I have developed a nasty inflammation of the kneecap tendon, meaning that I have to stop every form of training until it heals…

Finally I bought a new computer. Spent quite a lot of money on it, was planning to post a picture with all the specs, you know, those things that nerdy people like to do.
Well, after assembling it up it won’t boot. It just returns a crap POST error and it just lies there.

We say in Italy that “Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino” (you can tell a good day from the morning start). Well if I enlarge the concept to spring then it’s going to be a tragedy for me.

Comment 1

Don't worry. 1st March is not the first day of Spring. That will be (as you should know, really) on 21st.

This can mean 2 things:
1) if the 1st March was bad, the end of winter will be bad, then spring will come with good news.
2) The 21st will be even worse than the 1st, with all its consequences.


Posted by Lank at 2006/03/02 13:28:51.

Comment 2

Why are you always whining? It could be worse, it could be raining :-)

Posted by Federico at 2006/03/02 17:04:08.

Comment 3

But it IS raining here in Florence since I arrived!! :P

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/03 09:23:19.

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