Lorenzo Pirisino

Back Home, Hard Talk

Posted on 2006/03/07 14:40:56 (March 2006).

[5th March 2006]

After a crappy 3 days break in Florence it was time to go back home. I couldn't really wait to go back as I needed badly to make things clear with Marta and decide what to do with my future life, if it was going to be again a path to walk by myself, or if it was worth to continue in two.

Well to make long things short the second option is the one where my choice fell.

Marta didn't realize what she was doing to me by accepting the offer with the other division, and we made clear a lot of "incidents" that this choice created.

Nothing changes on the practical side of things, she is still leaving for good and I am left in deep trouble, but at least I feel a lot stronger, ready to get into the fight that I need to start tomorrow, with my bosses.

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