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Leaving Vedano

Posted on 2006/03/11 22:29:09 (March 2006).

[11th March 2006]

Today was quite an interesting experience for me.

It started pretty early, as Marta had to go to our company around 12 to catch the car that eventually got her to the airport.

A mix of different feelings and emotions were waiting for me, after five years it wasn’t me leaving for Japan and leaving her at home but quite the contrary.

We spent the whole night of the 10th packing her things, as usually women do, she over vexed the suitcase and there was a need of some “rationality” in rearranging the stuff that she wanted to bring.

Traveling for business, as far as my experience is concerned, it’s completely different from pleasure travels.
You soon start to appreciate the niceness of a very light bag, full only of the strict necessary that will get you through the trip.
I am very methodic when deciding, almost mathematical, dividing by two the number of working days and counting all the free time that in two weeks you get.

It might sound unclean, but wearing the same clothes twice during a trip is a must unless you have someone carrying the weight for you.

Anyways we finished off the last details in the morning and off we went to the meeting point.
Marta was totally taken into the trip mood, nervous, scared, excited and happy.

I pretty much shared the same feelings, though they were directed at her rather than to the trip itself.
Seeing her off, working for another division, knowing that I will not have her in front of me at work as I did in the last 5 years, was quite a big morsel to chew, but I guess that I will get used to it pretty soon.
Life goes on, she is getting a good opportunity, and maybe a little change will make things different in our relationship.

Surely some sort of change had to arrive, so I’ll have to play the game and see how it goes.

The rest of the day was pretty boring, packing up my own stuff, in a mechanical way. I have become quite a professional now when it comes to preparing a suitcase; I do it without really putting any heart at all into it, just brains.
In a way it spoils the whole idea of a trip. Having to worry about her a lot meant that I didn’t really prepare this trip under the mental point of view, so I was left with my own worries for the reminder of the day.

In the evening I cooked a Japanese curry with some friends, and had a quiet but nice night out drinking and spouting crap as usual.

Then time to go to bed, I will be up early tomorrow for the first leg of the trip that will take me to Frankfurt, then Osaka in Japan.

Let’s hope the recent changes in the office don’t spoil too much these coming three weeks, usually a business trip it’s more of an occasion to get out of the routine and focus on my tasks.

Oh well, I’ll take what life is brewing for me, and when I am back I will be two days short of turning 31…


Comment 1

Wearing the same clothes twice?! Mmmmm...

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/12 19:18:41.

Comment 2

If everybody wore the same clothes twice, just think of the energy and water the world would save.

Posted by kev at 2006/03/13 16:42:22.

Comment 3

Of course if everyone wore exactly the same clothes twice as my previous statement seems to imply I would hate to be the last in the queue!

Posted by Kev at 2006/03/13 16:42:32.

Comment 4

Mmm let's say that if I was to wear the same clothes for two days it would not be appropriate, but if you wear the same combination after say, a week, nobody is going to notice... :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/14 01:22:35.

Comment 5

I hope your one-cloth-two-days philosophy does not include underwear...

Posted by Matteo at 2006/03/14 08:07:44.

Comment 6

Quite so!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/14 10:01:00.

Comment 7

Dirty Lox...!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/14 10:01:54.

Comment 8

My dear Lox,
I rember my last dinner with my Boss.

Evil Boss: Muashiwa I invited you to discuss your low performance during last week....You must work better and harder!!!

Wise Muashiwa: ....mmhhhhhhhmmmm....

The day after, boss's testicles adorned my new ritual eardrops!!!!
I talked about you to the elders of my tribe. We have decided of give to you to a Inuit name... soon you we will make to know.
You are lucky receiving this honour. Deserve it!

Jhon, Kev: I am affected from your appreciation. From today, you'll be my white Blog's brothers.

Posted by Muashiwa the Inuit at 2006/03/14 11:01:56.

Comment 9

Matteo: Nope, underwear is a three day rota ( I AM JOKING!!!)

Mushwa: Let me know I am curious. Maybe it will bring me some good luck...

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/15 09:30:26.

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