Lorenzo Pirisino

Japan 2006

Posted on 2006/03/15 09:41:09 (March 2006).

[12th - 15th March 2006]

Finally I arrived to Japan. The flight wasn't all that great, we have had a lot of turbulence over Korea and China, but all in all I arrived safe.
Nothing major to report, work is work as usual, the only change has been Marta, calling at night to complain about the new job, about the person that she is replacing (apparently she is treating Marta in a very bad way), and about the whole thing that seems to be over her head.

I have tried to put off the fire of dismay and depression, but on the other side I had to remind her that I told her in detail what was going to come by accepting that job.

I guess there is so much that one can do or say, after that it has to be a solo effort. The funny (or not so funny) thing is that she is a competitor for me now!!

The knee is doing its job, though I still feel pain every now and then, and fortunately Mr. sleeping pill is working great and I managed to sleep well for the past two days. Tonight I will take the last tab, then I will try to test the system to see if I can do without. I hate taking medicines, especially hypnotic ones.

Nothing major to report all in all, let's see how it goes the rest of the week. During the weekend I will meet John so I am sure I'll have a lot more things to write! :)

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