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Work, work, work

Posted on 2006/03/26 10:57:26 (March 2006).

[20-24 March 2006]

Nothing great to report. I have seen John for the last evening before he went back to England, interestingly in the same place where we briefly saw each other last time.
Then it was on to work and the fair, the only thing worth mentioning was having two dinners with Marta, Kutsunugi san and Keiko san.
We worked together for 5 years and now Marta was in another stand, but we managed to take her to all the places that we always spoke about (namely Tabesushi and a Real Kick Ass Kushiage restaurant).
Marta was having a lot of problems with her new job so maybe she wasn't in a great mood, but she liked it nonetheless.

On Friday I said goodbye to Marta and started getting ready for the first weekend by myself of this trip...

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