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Hitori no Hanami

Posted on 2006/03/27 16:19:10 (March 2006).

[25th March 2006]

Loosely translated means “looking at the sakura blossoms by myself”, which is more or less what I have done today, or at least I have attempted to do today.

Originally the plan was to stay at home and rest, do some swimming and sauna, and generally laze around the hotel watching movies and stuff.
Fortunately I decided to check the weather, here in Japan they are maniac about the weather, you can get forecasts where it's shown the percentage of a certain phenomenon to happen at a certain time during the day.
Today the forecast said that there was going to be 100% chance of getting sun, while tomorrow, it would have been clear until 9,30 and then gradually more and more cloudy till a few drop of rain around 18,30...

This kind of put my original plan under a new prospective, as watching sakura trees in a not so good day is certainly a turn down.
So I decided to pack it all and go to Ueno Kohen for a Hanami session.

This was the first (and only for this trip) weekend that I had to spend by myself, I have been far to lazy to call my Japanese friends, and I much regret it cause I felt really lonely. After all meeting John and Marta during last week was a very pleasant change to the usual “by myself” routine.

To make things worst there was a nasty cold wind that was blowing over Tokyo, meaning that the fragile sakura blossoms would had not yet bloomed, so the session of hanami was generally crap, though the park was overly crowded.

Oh well.. I went back to the hotel for that sauna + swimming and watched some movies on my computer at night, after which I called it a day and went to bed.

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