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Posted on 2006/03/27 16:22:37 (March 2006).

[26th March 2006]

Sunday was a bit of a turn down.
I think that much of the stress and tension of the fair got purged off the system today, as a matter of fact I woke up with a nasty headache, not so strong to require pills, not so weak to let it slip away.

In the morning I checked the news and saw that Fiorentina lost agains A.C.Milan, oh well, shit happens, still not ag ood start.

This is where the strange part begins.
I had to leave the room so that the maid could make the bed and everything, therefore I decided to go out for a quick stroll in Shinjuku to buy this trip's new electronic gyzmos.

Here is when the narcoleptic state kicked in, aided by the headache.
Usually I get these terrible “shopping mall narcolepsy” attacks when going shopping without a real aim. They are pretty bad, I feel terribly sleepy, head completely empty, willing to do nothing at all... I am sure that it's something that they put in the air that makes you feel like that, that strips you of will power and coerce you to buy things.
John and I discussed about it, the name actually is John's invention, but describes perfectly the sate...

Anyway, like a zombie I found myself riding a train to Harajuku, as I changed my plan and I now wanted to go to the “oriental bazaar” (a place for souvenirs hunters) to buy some things.
Funnily enough, though my head wanted to go there, I found myself walking towards my favourite Meji Jingu, as I now wanted to go there and say a couple of prayers.
I clearly remember being quite hungry, but I also clearly remember thinking that I had to go there on an empty stomach, to give more meaning to the prayers...

After Meji Jingu I went to the oriental bazaar where I did not buy anything, and I then proceeded to my favourite tonkatsu place (Maizen), but I changed my mind again and finished at the local McDonalds...

The carbohydrates injection wasn't good at all, I started walking back towards the hotel, and though I really wanted to go to my room, I found myself in BigguCamera trying to buy a new mouse and a USB WLAN adaptor...

I eventually didn't buy those items, on the account of not being sure if I really wanted them or not, and finally I got back home.
By that time headache was really settled in, and some pain killers and a couple of hours sleep put things a little back on track.

Went then for some chinese and quickly back to bed...

A day spent like a zombie, being controlled by someone else, or even worse as if I lived another life alltogether (all in all the original plan was NOT to go out at all...)!!!


Comment 1

Come On, Man, make a move...

I really can not think you are behaving like that; you are not the man I know...

Get back to Kevin Stalflare's times...

Posted by kyss at 2006/03/27 17:22:38.

Comment 2

Lox. You' seem to be at a loss and, truly, it saddens me. What is your aim in life?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/27 20:00:32.

Comment 3

Really, you need a holiday. And here comes you good ol'friend! I KNEW you were getting worse, and I've immediately set up a marvellous trip to The Five Lands (please translate)... try at least to resist until 22 April, after that you will be a brand new man!

Posted by Lank at 2006/03/27 21:38:35.

Comment 4

KYSS!!!!! Welcome to the blog, great to have you onboard too!

Actually guys I really appreciate your concern but it's nothing THAT seriuos.

It's just a strange day where I basically had nothing to do, it just happened that way...
Though Sheri has a point, lack of long and short term targets its becoming quite oppressive, but not quite as bad as fighting in the ofice all day with my boss...
Maybe I am just fooling myself, but I have been quite "tranquil" in the last couple of weeks. Usually when I am abroad I have little to do, sometimes I do get days like that, though I always try to make the most of them... I still think I need a change of life believe me!

Lank: Lovely, I knew I could count on you! As for the "Five Lands" I wouldn't know how to explain it, let's say it's a part of Liguria's region in Italy..

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/28 12:36:05.

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