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Business weeks can be good...

Posted on 2006/03/29 15:06:46 (March 2006).

[27th - 29th March 2006]

When I left Italy for this trip I was in a strange mood. I felt as if I didn't care anymore about my job and all the things connected.
After almost 3 weeks of front line fight things have changed, though I never really stopped to think about it, I have acted as usual, incapable of playing soft.

This is actually quite good, mostly because after 5 years I can say that this trip was quite successful, not under the results point of view, there were better days, but under the strategy and relationships with clients side, which is more important if you want to have a hope of building a continuous business relationship.

Yesterday for example we spent 3 hours to speak to the president of this huge company, this guy is so rich that he can afford to own 6 (SIX) racing horses in JAPAN!!
It was very interesting speaking to this person, I wish I knew more Japanese to have a 100% understanding of all the things that were discussed.

Today I have had another “quite Japanese” experience, a classic business dinner with one of our clients/partners, unfortunately this time it was to solve some problems, and though in the end we did as they requested, in order to have a good relationship with this people I decided to grant a condition that is not quite the best for our company.
Taken by itself the decision is stupid, put into context is rock solid.

It has been 5 years that I work in this market, I certainly know how to deal with the problems and peculiarities that Asian markets have, especially Japan.

Still I find intriguing and exciting to be able to connect with this culture almost as if I was a local, it gives me so much more than 1million Euro sale, it's food for my brain and soul.
It happens everywhere I lived, went and go. Even if it's a short stay.

Nothing to do, I love foreigners and different cultures, I wouldn't want to miss these moments not for a pot of gold!

And there's still so much more out there...

Comment 1

I guess it's like we say in the UK - "A change is as good as a rest". Hopefully you can go back home with a renewed strength :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/03/30 11:17:32.

Comment 2

Though this change wasn't a long one, yes that's the idea. Usually business trips are very demanding phisically and mentally, but when I go back for a couple of weeks it seems as if I just started in the company where I work now... :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/30 21:32:06.

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