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Posted on 2006/03/31 01:28:29 (March 2006).

[31 March 2006]

As a matter of fact the trip is finished, I am writing from the Business Class lounge of ANA, waiting to be hoarded on the flight to Frankfurt and then from there to Milan.

At least I managed to set up my brand new wireless connection through my USB Netgear adaptor. It is brilliant and I am hoping to get all the proper kit to set up a WLAN in my house soon enough...

Of course by the time I do that it will come out that the protocol is heavily dangerous for health and stuff, but that's part of the game I believe! :)

Gotta go now, next post from Pizzaland!

Comment 1

Hope you have/had a very happy birthday! (Not sure of the exact date, but know it's around this time).

Posted by Caroline at 2006/04/03 08:31:13.

Comment 2

Yes same from me too...

Posted by John at 2006/04/29 03:04:01.

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