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Lovely, Lovely.... Not for us..

Posted on 2006/04/05 14:17:00 (April 2006).

[3rd - 5th April 2006]

And finally I was back.

This "Lovely,lovely... not for us" motto, is what usually clients tell us referring to our fabrics. Basically they can't tell you that your product is shite (remember that we are in the everlasting false fashion business here!), so the product is lovely but "not for us"... Get on with the next one...

The first day at the office was quite busy, having to file all the documents and expenses related to the trip that I had just finished. It's now a routine for me to do so, it didn't take all that long.

Then there was the brief period in which, after 3 weeks, everyone realizes that you have not been fired or being abducted by aliens, so they feel compelled to come and say "hello", "how are you", "finally you are back!", "oh my God this time was a long trip" and so on...

After that there was the usual "confession" with my boss, now that we are on speaking terms and apparently cooperating terms too, things are a lot smoother and easier when dealing with him.

"Estore ergo prudentes sicut serpentes et simplices sicut columbae." (be careful like a snake and simple like a dove).

This is my new attitude towards work related issues, until now is helping me in keeping my sanity.

The trip was quite successful so I was welcomed back in a good way, but soon after my return all the novelty of being back in the office wore out and I am stuck again with nothing much to do (as it was passed on very efficiently when I was in Japan) and a lot of time in my hands.

Only one thought "Lovely, lovely... Not for ME!"...

Unfortunately I keep getting calls from companies in the textile field from this area, it's good to be called by headhunters, but on the other side I really wish that it was from companies back in Florence altogether.
If the latin saying "Sapiens fingit fortunam sibi." (The wise man forges his fortune) is true, I am not much of a wise man at the moment, I am stuck again, but that's hardly ground breaking news (i.e. Even a blind person could see it coming)...

Fortunately I will be back in Florence this Friday, it's a good thing to be able to go back, I will pick up my new computer, I will manage to see Rob and Kate plus the usual group of friends, my family and all.
On Sunday I'll be back up north, gearing up for the Easter holidays that will be in a fortnight.

Comment 1

Does much happen at Easter in Italy?

Posted by John at 2006/04/06 01:06:34.

Comment 2

It's just the usual eating fest where you get fat and senslessly bored. I will have a special feature of this Easter Lunch+Dinner as Marta told me that they are going to cook the usual GRANDEUR of food... I am dreading this appointment a bit as I have never been on the "eating" side, and that generally is not well looked on...

Posted by Lox at 2006/04/06 07:51:08.

Comment 3

In French, we say this: Moins on a de culture, plus on l'étale. Meaning: The lesser you are learned, the more you boast about the little you know. ..................................................... In other words, STOP SHOWING OFF with your quotations!!!! ;-)

Posted by Sheri at 2006/04/10 13:18:01.

Comment 4

Another French quotation: "Qui aime bien, châtie bien"! Which in the Hachette Oxford dictionnary is translated as follows: "Spare the rod and spoil the child". The translation is, I believe, wrong and the quotation is misinterpreted. It's proper translation should be: "Who really likes someone shoudn't spare him reproaches"!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/04/10 13:28:55.

Comment 5

Sheri: Mmmm interesting sayings! By all account "Hoc unum scio, me nihil scire", or "I know only one things, that I know nothing"... :)

To be honest I am quite poor in my quotations, there are people much more knowlegeable than me, that know by far a lot more...

Sometimes I do write them to remind me about them, most of the time I remember that someone said something and I have to look for it over the internet, it's not something that springs to mind directly, after all I was NOT a great Latin fan...

Posted by Lox at 2006/04/11 10:42:34.

Comment 6

Hmmm.... I wonder why the most recent bit generator thingy doesn't pick up the date on this article...?

Posted by John at 2006/04/28 15:43:55.

Comment 7

...I think you mentioned you'd prefer not to show the dates though...?

Posted by John at 2006/04/28 15:50:59.

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