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Posted on 2006/04/21 15:35:51 (April 2006).

[14th - 17th April 2006]

Despite Easter being an holiday, in Italy it tends to be more of a test for liver funcionality and spending capabilities!

I am not a big lover of these classical Christian holidays, partly because I am not a Christian believer (I have my own little believes when it comes to godly entities but it's no topic for this post now), partly because I am not a great fan of big family reunions.

Anyways this time I wasn't going to take part in the usual Florentine dinner/lunch/dinner eat fest, and instead moved to Marche, the region where Marta originally used to live.

Marche are rather nice, hilly and green, food is obviously great and it wasn't matter of scarcity during the trip. We spent 3 days at Marta's house, using the car to go to different places.
On the first day we went to see Monte Conero, a little mountain that dives into the sea on the Adriatic coast.
The place is quite nice and calm; I bought a couple of bottles of wine and a strange cake made of figs and nuts that comes in a salami shape. The idea apparently is to eat this delicacy together with cheese; I can't wait to eat it this coming week...

On the way back we stopped at one of Marta's friends place, he's a stylist and makes a lot of nice things so I bought a couple of trousers and had a nice chat with this guy about his business and all..
Saturday was quite busy as we had to start preparing the lunch/dinner party of Sunday.
We also had a chance to visit other places that make jackets and general apparel, in the Marche region there are a lot of factories selling products in outlets. Among them one of the most popular is certainly the factory store of Tod's, the famous shoe maker, now a fixed appointment every time we go to see Marta's parents.

Sunday was the big day for Easter, basically we ate most of the day, I will not go into details, but we had a sliced meat starter, 3 different kind of first course, 4 different meat courses, general vegetables, and 5 (FIVE!!) different type of cake!
I think that half way through I must have thought that I was an hobbit, honestly, the lunch resembled what Tolkien describes in the Lord of The Rings for Bilbo's last party.

In the afternoon we moved to Loreto, an abbey with annexed cathedral, it was a nice visit and helped in digesting the huge meal..

Problem was that for dinner we had to re-enact the same lunch-scene with yet more food and beverages... I "rolled" to bed quite early as the morning after we had to leave pretty early to go to Florence, a quick stop to meet my new cousin Rachele (now 6 months old), which I never had a chance to see before.

My sister is fine, all the family seems good, Rachele is great and terribly calm compared to her older brother Gabriele (18 months) who's a total devil. All in all a good visit, though it was practically 4 hours long, we had infact to get back on the motorway to go home quickly as 15 millions of Italians were scheduled to go back the same day.

After a lot of queues and a 6,30 hours drive we arrived home where I happily collapsed on the bed...

Comment 1

Great trip Lox! Splendid pictures! Is it my imagination or is the famous Italian "Cool" increasing as you get older?!?!?!? You and Marta look good together!

When I go out with my camera we never have such wonderful light as you do in Italy. My pictures today, for example, look totally "flat" :(

Posted by Nigel at 2006/04/21 16:33:33.

Comment 2

Yes Lox, I noticed the same thing as Nigel too, how is it you and Marta just seem to look better and better as you get older, whilst I get more and more worn out looking!

Posted by John at 2006/04/22 01:12:23.

Comment 3

What are those mysterious little believes?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/04/22 09:25:11.

Comment 4

God! With all that food your must produce monstuous *cagate*?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/04/22 09:30:37.

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Posted by Sheri at 2006/04/22 17:21:36.

Comment 6

Nigel/John: Thanks for the compliments, I don't really know if I am getting better honestly, I take your comments as proof though! :)

Sheri: Monstrous is not enough to define the amount of excrements that these dinners and lunches created... :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/04/25 14:12:34.

Comment 7

(just putting in a comment to get greymatter to rebuild...)

Posted by John at 2006/04/28 14:37:44.

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