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Contrappasso (Matching Retribution)

Posted on 2006/05/10 24:07:58 (May 2006).

[9th May 2006]

Today should have been quite an ordinary day. Around 2ish PM I am scheduled for the usual flight to Frankfurt and from there bound to Korea for yet another quite usual 12 hours flight.

It had become sooooooo normal for me to travel long distances that I don't even feel a trip under 4 hours. So far so good.

What wasn't good was the start of the day. I went to work, for a couple of hours before getting on the transfer to the airport, and right at the beginning of the day my boss came to see me, asking a comment on the fact that Marta spoke to the megaboss the day before telling them that she was about to hand in her resignation to move to another company.

I told him that all in all it was good for her and that the change was for the better, both under the money and career aspects, and while talking the name of the new company where Marta will go came out. Don't really know why, though I know that I shouldn't have ventured myself all that far.

Marta will sign the usual pre-contract next tomorrow, then she will send the resignation letter to our present employer. Hopefully everything will go smooth, but I can't take out of my mind the bad feeling of having snitched on her.

Needless to say that she wasn't all that happy about it, in a way is the same situation when she was telling my boss things that I didn't want her to say...
"Contrappasso" Dante used to say, the matching retaliation. I was so critic at her during the past that well suits me to have fallen by the same sword.
Now that I am in the hot seat I can clearly say that I am an idiot (of course), I hope that it will teach me a lesson for future occasions.

The weather is quite crap here in Italy, going to the airport I managed to take a peek at the distant mountains, still full of snow. There are some low clouds embracing them, makes them quite frightening and intriguing at the same time, made me want to be there, away from all of this.

Now in my posh business lounge I am writing, eating things that I should not eat (I have had a quite strong diarrhea in the past few days), thinking about the fact that I'll have a 2 hours drive in Seoul from the airport to the hotel, having to hope that the “Stranguglione” (a fast and sudden attack of defecating instinct) will not hit me there!! :)

Comment 1

Hi Lox! Oh dear, that's not a good note on which to leave Italy for your trip! And the worst thing is, on a 12-hour flight, you have too long alone with your own thoughts.

I'm sure things will improve - and I hope they do. What is needed is a little retail therapy while away in Korea... How about NetGear?!?! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/05/10 19:41:36.

Comment 2

Ciao Nigel! Things were sorted today she got the letter of intention from the new company signed by one of the members of the board, so she can send it the resignation tomorrow. Yes 12 hours were quite long, add that for some strange reason there was a problem with the power outlet of the seat, and the computer kept switching off. The result: I was diskchecking the portable HD and I had to REFORMAT a partition (fortunately it was empty), but for a sec I thought I damaged it! As for NetGear I think that it will be sorted either Saturday (here in Korea) or Wednsday (In Taipei), in either case I will walk away with some electronics in my hands!

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/10 21:48:04.

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