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To give a dog a... chance!

Posted on 2006/05/12 16:58:40 (May 2006).

[12th May 2006]

Yep, the dog that was scheduled for the night had to be postponed indefinitely as the plan changed abruptly in the late afternoon.

The whole day has been pretty mild, a couple of clients here and there, and a lot of time in the office doing nothing really.

As I said before the dog had to be cancelled as some designers decided to join us and they don't quite like dog, so we went to another place that makes grilled pork.

Pretty much in the Japanese "Yakiniku" style (actually this type of restaurant is KOREAN), you get to cook the meat by yourself.
The food was great and the company quite good as two of the designers could speak Japanese, so I actually managed to exchange a couple of words with someone.

Point of interest was certainly Mr.Hwang (the agent) that got into a conversation with one of the girls, I think it was something about her personality, but in any case she started crying at the table.
I felt really sorry for her, but Mr.Hwang has a very strong relationship with our customers, I think that they were together at school or something, so I guess that I won't see the collapse of the market tomorrow (I hope).
I just hope that she is not hurt too much, I hate seeing women crying it's just a total weak spot for me!!

Still it was a bit strange...

Comment 1

Sei un cavaliero generoso con un gran cuore...

Posted by Sheri at 2006/05/12 19:42:57.

Comment 2

Now I do not speak Italian, but at a guess I think Sheri said: "A generous Cavalier with a big heart". Maybe wrong, but if I'm right I quite agree!!

Perhaps in English we could say "A chivalrous Knight with a big heart" ?

Posted by Nigel at 2006/05/12 21:02:42.

Comment 3

Well I would have been such a knigt if I had said something to her!! But the fact that I understood FUCK ALL of what he told her didn't help there.... Oh well...

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/13 01:09:04.

Comment 4

I don't speak Italian either, but it looks like, "You are ..." and I think that cavaliero, at least its Spanish form "caballero", is translated as "gentleman" now.

Posted by Travis at 2006/05/13 23:51:57.

Comment 5

The exact translation would be " a generous knight with a big heart".. .:)

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/14 05:25:56.

Comment 6

Nigel: I think you did rather well there!

Posted by John at 2006/05/14 14:11:15.

Comment 7

Ah ah, to tell the truth, Lox has never played the role of the generous knight, as far as I can remember in the years of our Role Playing Games... I've always seen him as a mad, vicious, black evil grinning wizard.

Time changes everything... My dear dark companion, are you becoming soft-hearted?

Posted by Lank at 2006/05/15 10:23:20.

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