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Sleepless Night

Posted on 2006/05/13 20:46:11 (May 2006).

[13th May 2006]

Today I haven't done much. I woke up quite early, for a Saturday that's it, I have pissed around with the computer a bit and then moved towards Yangsun market, the biggest electronic place here in Korea.

In a typical Korean way there is a huge shopping mall, all spanky and new, full of Digital Cameras and anything an IT/Electronics "Otaku" (in Japanese an Otaku is a maniac for a certain thing, usually it is Mangas, the comics that they have but it can be used for other things as well).

But the real maniac (such as me) is not easily fooled by the shiny things, I have been here many times and there is a "side market" near the main place that is dirty, rugged, and smelly, but inevitably is where the REAL goodies are.

I said "in a typical Korean way" before. The impression that I get from Seoul is a city pretty much like any other metropolis, that hasn't quite grown up to the European/Japanese standard of other metropolis.
There are still areas that are really nasty to be seen, right in the middle of town. Not that I mind them, I actually think it's more "real", it's how Seoul used to be, but my agent (for example) is very critic about these places and always wants me to see the nice parts, because he has to prove me that Korea is number one in the world.
Fortunately the other people in the staff are not so strict..

Anyways, I have bought some HD coolers, case coolers, memory heat sinks, a joypad and 10 blank DVD DL, all for the modest sum of 35 Euros. Quite a bargain.
I wish I could have bought the real deal memories, CPUs and graphic adapters, but I don't trust buying such products if I cannot test them right away.

Back at the hotel I have had a great sauna (the hotel has got one of the best facility that I have ever been into), and dinner.

Nothing more to report, Fiorentina my favourite football team, seems to be involved in a scandal that broke off 4 days ago. It's all to do with phone tapping and stuff like that, apparently the major clubs in Italy and a lot of people are involved.
Need less to say that this fact put me down quite a lot. It was one year ago that I was in Taipei, on a Sunday, last match of the season.
Fiorentina battles to avoid relegation and eventually manages to do so, I remember jumping on the bed like a kid.
I listened to the match through my computer, found an Italian radio netcasting the match and a Chinese TV netcasting the images. It was a very heavy day for me, I remember suffering a lot for those 90 minutes...

Tomorrow we'll play the last match of the season, high stakes on the table as we might make it to the Champions league if we win. But this time I don't know if I'll jump on the bed or sweat 3 kilograms in the proceeding of listening to a football match...

Next one from Taipei!

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Football? I can make it at home! All I need is a small aubergine!

Posted by Goodness Gracious Sheri at 2006/05/14 06:28:19.

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