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Leaving Taipei

Posted on 2006/05/18 16:12:38 (May 2006).

[18th May 2006]

I am knackered. My back hurts, I have still problems sleeping, I really need a rest. The past 3 months have been quite full (as usual) for me, and now I really feel that I need a rest.

The last part of the trip will see me landing in Osaka, then Tokyo early next week.

As a matter of fact it's not a great idea to leave Japan for last, especially now that Giovanna (my designer) is coming for the first time to the land of the rising sun.

I really wanted her to come for at least two years, finally my bosses were convinced and here she is, so on that side it's good feelings only.

Her presence though means that we'll need to see DOUBLE the amount of clients that we usually do, even the useless ones, because we need her to get as many info as possible on the way Japan is.

Giovanna is the type of person that when I first met told me that she would never get on a plane. Since then a lot of progress has been done, mostly by working on the mind part trying to get her interested not in the job, but in the culture of the markets that she's following. Now she will come to Japan, at the moment she's flying to Frankfurt I suspect.

Of course my bosses are quick to take the merit of her coming, but my policy of "let them be, shut your cake hole!" means that I need to show my 36 teeth smile to such allegations...

So heavy work for the reminder of the trip, I am sure that everything will be totally mind blowing to her, as it was for me the first time I set foot on the island. I need to remember about it because I give a MILLION things for granted, while for her even the simplest thing (vending machines for example) will be new.

In Taipei things were quite good in the end, yesterday I even managed to find time to buy a new pair of Timberland shoes. I love this brand, their new casual line really suits me perfectly, and of course they are not as expensive as if I bought them in Italy, which is good. I didn't use to be so "fashion conscious" before, this is the work of Marta of course, she completely changed my mind during these years, but the results are quite pleasing, yesterday one of our clients asked me if I was a MODEL!!! :D

The evening was boring, and more and more I realize that if I didn't have my computer and an Internet connection I would probably be dead of boredom by now. During the business trips my old equipment helps me endlessly to fight jet lag, dead times and airport waitings.

In Japan I am meant to buy my new camera this time, let's hope that I won't have any second thoughts about it at the last minute!

Comment 1

Forza Lorenzo !! I guess that you are very tired, but you should put some energy in this last part of the trip to show Japan to Giovanna as an expert as you are!!

I really hope that Giovanna will enjoy going around with you and Kutsunugi san ! And also hope that this trip can teach her something for her job.

Thanks Lorenzo for remembering my work as your "personal stylist" :)) many kisses!!

Posted by Marta at 2006/05/18 16:40:45.

Comment 2

Giovanna...? Is she pretty? Hu? ;-)

Posted by Sheri at 2006/05/20 08:42:57.

Comment 3

Sorry Marta for the last question which might hurt your feelings. As many Frenchmen, I have a cock instead of a brain...

Posted by Sheri at 2006/05/20 08:45:47.

Comment 4

Sheri: Don't worry, I have JAPANESE GIRLS here!!!! (drooling.)

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/20 09:07:32.

Comment 5

Oh, models are soooo boring..:))) And as is well recorded I need some new shoes too!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/05/20 11:32:38.

Comment 6

Don't worry Sheri, the problem is not only a Frenchmen problem.....but mostly men's problem ...:))) As you can see Lorenzo has no problem.... he can re-place me with Japanese girls, Korean girls, taiwanese girls...... :))

Posted by Marta at 2006/05/22 14:35:41.

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