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World Cup Final

Posted on 2006/07/04 23:37:19 (July 2006).

[5th July 2006]

I have recently arrived in Japan with my boss, I wanted to write something about the experiences of the recent days but it has not been possible.

Incidentally the fact that the World Cup Semifinals are broadcasted at 4:00 AM here, meant that I could work on some catch up that was badly needed.

The arrival in Japan was quite bumpy, not a good flight. On Sunday we met Kutsunugi san to discuss about the fact that I resigned. Of course he knew about it already, but he had to talk with my boss on what to do next and what kind of person to look for next.
Nothing definite came from the meeting of course, it is clear that the fact that I am leaving is creating a lot of problems that my boss doesn't know where to start to solve.

The morning after saw the beginning of this “sayonara trip”, going to see all the best clients to tell that I am leaving. We decided that in order to be “polite” we wouldn't say what I was going to do next, but rather that I might start a private company, but in any case we didn't say that I have already an offer in my hands.

It is totally weird to go to see these people, with whom I am totally in friendly relationships, to say that I am done, finished, will go away.
It is even more weird to realize that I will not work with Kutsunugi san anymore, a tragic loss both for the work point of view and personal point. He is really like another family for me, and knowing that by leaving I will leave him in not so good conditions it's quite an hard thing to swallow for me.

We also discussed about the agency contract, I would like to be able to have him as an agent in my next adventure, but my boss has strange ideas and I suspect that they'd rather die before allowing me to work with him again.

The more clients I saw the uglier my mood become. Little by little I was realizing that I am infact leaving after five years of tears and joy, and it's starting to take a mental toll on me, also because I yet don't know what I am going to do next.

Tomorrow (the 6th) I will meet the Japanese company that would like to employ me, let's see what is their proposal, though I can say that I am scared as hell at the prospect of stating my own business.
In the meantime my boss continues to be amazed at how many friends I have among the customers, he said more that once that he can't believe something like that, and that he's happy for me as these friendships might come in hand later...
We'll see, on Friday I'll probably know where my feet have to take me next, and then the real trip back home will start.
With a lot of difficulties, it will be hard to say goodbye to Kutsunugi san this time (though I know I will see him again), it will be even harder to move away from my house and Marta later...

The World Cup Final is drawing closer, let's hope that I'll honour the match if I can't win it...

Comment 1

I can imagine this is a difficult trip for you Lox, but I know you will handle it professionally :) However I can't begin to imagine the effort you have already put into these relationships, so I really hope the foundations you have laid will be useful in the future.

Anyways! I hope the football is a success too!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/05 07:01:48.

Comment 2

*Lox xrosses all his fingers and touch wood* :) Thanks Nigel!! Let's see....

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/05 10:12:17.

Comment 3

A new era begins for you ! A bit blurred for the time being, but surely promissing !
We are all a hundred percent with you !

Posted by Sheri at 2006/07/05 16:40:49.

Comment 4

Thanks Sheri! It's a strange feeling this morning, the meeting is after lunch and unlike other occasions I feel quite calm at the moment... Let's see later. My agent is SO SURE that I'll accept it that he doesn't have any doubts at all about it...

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/06 01:41:57.

Comment 5

Actually, forget what I said. We are enemies now (France vs Italy in final)! At least till sunday and depending on who wins... !

Posted by Sheri at 2006/07/06 08:26:45.

Comment 6

Yep, I just hope that this time it doesn't end up like the previous two encounters!!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/06 10:21:16.

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