Lorenzo Pirisino

End of an Era

Posted on 2006/07/31 10:25:32 (July 2006).

[31st July 2006]

And so it is.

Today I technically end my life as an employee and move onto the unexplored depth of the self-employed jungle.

Well, the first thing that springs to my mind is the fact that I am TOTALLY calm and easy, as if I was leaving for the holidays to come back at the end of August as usual.
The fact is that I am NOT coming back, at the end of August I will be moving all my stuff back to Florence.

This calm and easy feeling must mean only one thing, that basically my time here was really at an end, and that there is nothing left into this working relationship.

The general mood that I am having at the moment is pretty much like I felt when I moved away from Florence the first time, to go to England. At that time all I could think was about the impending move, sparing little thoughts for what I was leaving.
Now I feel the same, all my energies are devoted to what it "will be" and how I "will have" to cope with the new situation, I have already archived living up north by the looks of it.

I think it is another proof of the self preservations instinct that we all have. If I really stopped examining what I am leaving and what have I done in these five years, I'd probably give me a very hard time, much harder than what lies ahead of me.

On the other side, as widely discussed before, this move is for the best, or it should be, I hope to be happier in my private life and maybe if I am lucky also under the work environment side.

Going back at not caring too much about leaving the premises of my present company, my attention lately has been drawn quite completely by the move to Florence and the trip to Guadaloupe, to be honest the first is keeping my mind busy at least 80% of the time leaving the rest for the latter.

Yesterday I started packing, it was not easy as it seems that there are loads of things that need to be placed in the boxes. It turned out that my estimates were quite conservative, as I forecasted a grand total of eight boxes, but after yesterday, having packed only the cutlery, crockery and kitchen stuff we are already at six units.

The new prediction is therefore set at ten.

It's going to be a pain to move everything, today I will try to scrounge the truck from the company, otherwise I'll have to rent one, and move everything in one day.

Anyways, today it should be dedicated to leaving this company, and, as a matter of fact, a part of my life that has been very important to me.


The burden on his shoulders is quite heavy, but he was leaving for good, and the village could not be a warehouse for most of his personal effects.

It is time to move on, the forest that lies ahead draws closer, darker and scray, but the decision is taken and without thinking much the mage left the known road to enter the strange cluttered path.

There is no time to look back, to think about times past, he knows he's carrying them within his heart and soul, they will surely come to his aid in the future.

Now is time to face the new challenge, and he can't wait for it to begin...

Comment 1

Ah... Moving house... What fun! (NOT!) It is so unsettling to feel "homeless" even for such a short while. I hope nothing gets broken!

As for the forest - don't forget the trusty "Staff of Resolution" - Ok, Big Stick! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/31 11:05:21.

Comment 2

The unsettling thing is that I am moving in a place that I KNOW I will be leaving soon, so I am planning not to unpack anything.. This adds to the instability feeling that I have at the moment...

As fot the forest, the young mage has got a marvellous Staff, with a purple multi-faceted crystal encrusted into the head of the staff, as if the wood had grown around the rock...

I don't know if it is a Staff of Resolute, but I hope it does the job... :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/07/31 11:17:06.

Comment 3

This is it, Lox! The next chapter of your life. May fortune smile on you, every step of the way! I'm confident that your charming personality will guide you well.
May the Force be with you!

Posted by Tim's mum at 2006/07/31 24:26:56.

Comment 4

Lox: Fortune Favors the Bold! Well done, and congratulations. It takes massive guts to do what you're doing and I admire that.

Posted by dsp at 2006/08/02 14:08:19.

Comment 5

Thanks Tim and Tim's Mum!! I'll give it an hell of a good shot, I am quite intrigued by the task ahead, I just wish it to start soon! :P

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/02 20:56:58.

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