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France.... WHY!?

Posted on 2006/08/23 18:31:49 (August 2006).

[4th August 2006]

The beginning of the holiday was quite "unpredictable", under a strictly standard point of view, but I realize that I was much too trusty, as a matter of fact we had to cross France before arriving to Guadeloupe.

Te main problem was that we had to arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport to change and go to Orly Airport and get the flight to Point a Pitre in Guadeloupe

We had more than 3 hours to change from a place to the other, plenty of time to go and grab a bite of Fois Gras in Paris if we wanted...
Well the truth is that thanks to Airfrance (a.k.a. Aircrap) we had a nice 45 minuted delay in Milan, for no apparent reasons either than "poor check in organization", then we had to wait for more than ONE HOUR our bags in Charles de Gaulle, and of course the bus to Orly was fully packed meaning that we had o sit at the back and wait for all the people to come out...

We did in the end make it to the flight (20 minutes prior to take off), but the trip was really HELL. Of course the staff at the airport tried to help us, but there was little that they could do.
Anyways, we get on board and all our woes seemed over.

Seemed, that's the right one!

Still Aircrap was on the top spot, giving us seats with a problem at the entertaining system, meaning that we had to do 8 hours looking at a flickering screen (which is annoying also if you want to sleep), plus we were surrounded by babies that made an hell of a noise..

In the end we made it to Point a Pitre, got our car, and the kind rental person drove us to the place where we had the room.
"La Colline des Oiseux" ("Birds Hill" - NICE NAME!!!), it's a marvellous place, Guadeloupe in this season is full of green and the garden of our room is simply stunning. We took some pics and moved to the centre of St.Francois, the biggest city close to where we live, and had a great dinner at this small restaurant.
Nothing fancy, two salads (one with Duck and one with Fish) and a fish divided in two, cooked in a marvellous Rhum and lime sauce (I have already devised a great dish to make when I go back!!).

All great, and then off to bed as Jet Lag was biting harder than mosquitoes!

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