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More Holiday woes

Posted on 2006/08/23 18:32:25 (August 2006).

[6th August 2006]

I guess that the trip had to reserve some more problems, just to piss me off even more. This time it is the fact that the French, like the Germans, have decided that change the letter arrangement on the normal keyboards.

I touch type 62 words per minutes in English, I assume pretty much the same in Italian, you can imagine the problems that I faced having to type on something that has “A”, “Z” and a lot of other keys misplaced compared to the keyboards from THE BLOODY REST OF THE WORLD!!

Well my bad, but the worst had to come, as the number keys on the top raw are also messed up. In China, Japan, Turkey, if you press the key with a BIG “1” written on that you would expect it to return a “1” character...

Well that's not the case with the keyboard that they had in Guadeloupe, you had to press shif+key to have the number. The problem is the fact that my passwords are all alphanumeric and numeric strings, so all my email accounts didn't work, but I couldn't see the things that I was typing as they were blacked out...

I realized the problem after 2 days of intense blasphemies, as I also had to check the mail for the Japanese contract issues...

Oh well, in the end I managed to understand the trick and got it working...

Comment 1

Ah-ha!! Now I understand those email problems!! :) What a pain in the a@*& that must have been...

Posted by Nigel at 2006/08/23 21:58:14.

Comment 2

So true... I was typeing at sloth speed.... :( (with mistakes)!

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/23 21:59:39.

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