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Back Home?!

Posted on 2006/08/23 18:42:35 (August 2006).

[21st August 2006]

Normally at the end of the holidays I get that warm and cozy feeling that reminds me that I am going back to my house, my life.
It helps me dealing with the fact that I don't want to go back of course, it's a safety belt that I throw in order to rescue my sinking mood.

This time it failed blatantly...

Mostly because the place where I was going back it's not my home anymore.

Legally and technically speaking I am still living here in Vedano Olona.

Mentally and spiritually I don't know.

This really unsettled me at the time of leaving Guadeloupe, all the worries linked with this move came back to hunt me down.

I have to remain strong and concentrated, tackling one thing at the time. It's the only way to survive.
Moreover my uncle, who is helping me greatly in setting up this venture, has got a very serious pneumonia, and will have to be off work for two months.
It's the classic icing on the cake, but fortunately he's recovered ok and he's not in any life threatening danger.

Still it's a minor setback that I didn't plan, but I am sure I'll work around it.

The main issue of this move it's Marta of course.

But that deserves a different blog entry.

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