Lorenzo Pirisino

“Marta a l'appareil”

Posted on 2006/08/23 18:44:55 (August 2006).

[22nd August 2006]

I think it means “Marta speaking” (or more precisely “Marta on the phone”), it's one of the vivid memories of Marta that lies in my head since I met her five years ago.

She used to pick up the phone and answer in that way when speaking with French customers, I know it's perfectly normal, but due my lack of contact with French speaking people, I always found it amusing, listening to Marta reciting in an helpful and professional high pitched voice her punch line.

The hardest thing to tackle of the next two days will be, willing or unwilling, dealing with leaving Marta.
Even though we are not splitting up, even though we talked through this decision a gazzillion times, even though these changes were badly needed, still, it's not going to be easy.

There are going to be tears, there is going to be great sadness, all the bells and whistles, pump and circumstances, fire and ice.

I am not looking forward to it.

I hate to see Marta crying, especially if the cause of the tears is me.

I keep repeating to myself that it's for our own good, that it's going to get the relationship to move forward in a way or another, on paper it's the best decision that we could make.

But feelings and five years of daily life are hard to swipe clean with a stroke of sponge, so I think that we'll have to pay the toll that it's due.

Let's hope that our life will improve and that we will be ten times happier in the future! :)

Comment 1

I can understand you both being upset, but you are being very "mysterious" at the end, so I don't know which way things will go!

Tell you what, buy a decent pair of web-cams - one for you and one for Marta. that way you can see and speak to each other every night if you want to...

Modern technology can be very helpful...

Posted by Nigel at 2006/08/23 22:12:19.

Comment 2

Nigel: This is one idea that we already discussed about. As for me being mysterious is true, I cannot see how the relationship will develop at the moment. This is my first night in Florence by myself, and it doesn't feel great. I think at what Marta might be feeling and it makes things harder too... I guess it's part of the decision though, no meaning to anticipate the feeling you have to experience it and then metabolize it. Let's see...

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/23 23:54:00.

Comment 3

How was Vacation ??
As we told you more than 1000 times that your life were completely wife & man.
Also I told you it is good chance to see each other from outside since you & Marta were always together last 5 years. You will see what Marta was good for you and Marta will find how much you are important her life or not. Then you can make another decision to marrige with her !! As you know all of our family are expecting you & marta always together.
See you soon and discuss this matter !!???

Posted by Kutsu at 2006/08/24 13:18:27.

Comment 4

Dear Kutsunugi san!!!!
Vacation was perfect! I've never been to the Carrabean and I've found that Gaudalupa Island is wonderful: fantastic sea and very rich vegetation: and of course plenty of relax that was what both of us needed.
You are right Kutsunugi san: I think that during this period where will be away from each other , we can understand ( I hope that it will not take so long time..) if we really want to spend all our life together and so get married.
For the moment I'm just sad and a bit worried about all these new changments and the new life but as Japanese say : GANBARIMASU
Thanks a lot for your comment and for for your words!!
I hope to see you and Keiko san soon. Ciao ciao

Posted by Marta at 2006/08/25 08:26:52.

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