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First steps

Posted on 2006/08/26 07:09:01 (August 2006).

[25th August 2006]

Little by little things are moving.

Furnitures and clothes are moving and will definitely arrive here in Florence at the end of the weekend.

The house situation is not moving, I haven’t had time to look for an apartment yet, although I hope I can start to move something before I leave for Tokyo on the 2nd of September.

The start up of the company on the contrary is what required my 100% attention in these 3 days. I met my uncle quite a lot to discuss what to do and what not to do, unfortunately he’s at home sick and cannot go to work, meaning that he cannot get a lot of information that was needed to understand better my position.

As a matter of fact it seems that I am a rare case for the Italian laws, as I have a contract (or will have, at the moment nothing is signed), with a company that is abroad that pays me something with a commission and something fixed (thought it was changed compared to what we agreed in July, a fact that I don’t like a lot).
I am sure that we’ll work out what I will be in the future, for the time being I had to change the pension scheme, get a VAT registration number and change residence.

All three of them took two days to complete!

I hope that next week I can start a couple of simulations to see how profitable this venture will be. I have to discuss with the Japanese company about the contract and if there is something majorly wrong I should tell them now, even though I have little contracting power as the other job was turned down.
I am in the strange position where I know that they are offering me a lot for their standards, but translated to the Italian system, because we have a gazillion taxes, it is not quite so much…

In the meantime I managed to slowly hook up with all my friends, or at least with the ones that are here after the holidays, which is a great thing.

I am also looking to buy a car, I kind of set my eyes on the Dodge Caliber, but I haven’t seen it live or driven it and in any case that part will have to wait at least until I come back from Japan.

Let’s say that the first couple of steps are done, there is still a long way to go and a lot to work, let’s hope that by the end of October everything is settled and I can concentrate on the job 100%…

Comment 1

Keep slugging away Lox, you'll get there eventually and I'm sure all wll work out - you are clearly a "worker" and will sort it all!

As for the car! Wow! How come an Italian wants an American car?!?!?! :) They are rather nice though!! :))))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/08/26 16:37:32.

Comment 2

Nigel: Well it has to be price.. In Italy for a similar car (Audi A3, Golf GTI and so on) you are likely to spend (for example 1.8 Petrol) more than 20000 Euros. This car is nice, new, and it seems that it has very good performances, and if goes for 16.000 Euro (1.8 Petrol)... And it looks nice too... Still I have to try it first then I'll make my decision

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/26 16:58:06.

Comment 3

Hope you like it then, Lox They are nice cars!!!

I did have a Golf GTI once (when I was feeling particularly rich and macho!!:)))) It was a lovely car - fast as a rocket and built like a tank. Even BMW's gave me respect!!

However the insurance companies wanted a very large amount of money to insure it - plus I had to have a second (yes a duplicate!!) immobiliser and alarm fitted before they would insure it!!!

Good while it lasted - then I had kids and bought the Toyota Estate car.... :(

Posted by Nigel at 2006/08/26 17:07:21.

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