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Cars and Moving

Posted on 2006/08/30 19:42:44 (August 2006).

[26th - 27th August 2006]

And so I was back to Vedano for a quick stop with the rented van, to load all the boxes and bring them down to Florence.

It wasn't easy. Mostly because the stuff that I have is quite heavy and I was left all by myself. Marta as a matter of fact, has a problem with her spine and it's better that she doesn't do any heavy lifting.

On Saturday prior to the move we went to see Cars, we quite liked the movie although I found it a bit too childish, compared to Shreck or Toy Story, which are much more adult in terms of jokes and quotes from other movies.

Going back to Sunday I left, this time for good, the house around 11ish in the morning, I arrived home and I managed to enter with the van in reverse into my mother's garden! I was so impressed about my driving skills!

A couple of hours later Francesco came to join me and helped me to bring all the stuff in the little flat that I have at the moment.

In the evening dinner at Francesco's house,

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