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Five little bachelors

Posted on 2006/08/30 19:44:34 (August 2006).

[27th August 2006]

A little explanation is due here.

We were meant to be helped by Stefano unloading the truck (see previous post), but he conveniently stood us up.

In the evening he was invited too at Francesco's house together with Simone, but I made a point in not calling him, I hate people who are totally unreliable!
He did not call (any of us to be precise) and then there were only three of us, and Elisa, Francesco's girlfriend.

Well, in the past they invited us several times, for no apparent reason, just to have a dinner together, and every time I kept asking what it was that they had to tell us (Pregnancy? Marriage? Ebola?), but in reality there was nothing to tell...

This time I saved my little show of nagging and annoying questions and set off for the dinner.

Well, this time they told us that they are going to get married!!!
As a matter of fact Francesco is back from Rome, got a job in Florence and is now more or less stable. So it is decided, even if the date is not fixed yet.

GREAT STUFF!! I wish them all the luck in the world, of course I am quite happy for them.

On a second note this piece of news made me think a lot of all the time that has passed.
There were five of us, me, Francesco, Simone, Matteo and Stefano.
Life seemed so simple then, I would have swore that nothing would have divided us in the future.

But then life takes its course and you walk different ways, I have to be grateful that I can still see all of them, so in a way we are not lost, is just a bit different.

But then I start thinking that two people of the group are gone, made a family (or planning to) and there are only three of us left playing bachelors.
It makes me think about the Ten Little Indians poem of the famous Agata Christies novel.

Five little bachelors boys playing Role Playing Games
Two found new company
And then there where three...

I don't feel like making a family at all at the moment, and that makes me feel a bit out of place, it seems that by the way our society is conceived, I should seriously think about it because I am “already thirty” and it's a good thing to do. I cannot start describing how much I hate these cliché, but at the same time I feel pressure from it and I am not at ease...

Oh well, I guess I have more important things to focus about, I cannot afford to put too much meat on the fire (as we say here “Mettere troppa carne al fuoco”) the risk is that everything will come out uncooked.

Comment 1

Lox, not really related, but have you ever seen irregular web comic. I found it for the first time today, and it was oddly compelling:


Posted by John at 2006/08/31 08:35:00.

Comment 2

Oh and I know it may be an unpopular point of view, but I too get a little annoyed by that "everybody is having kids and settling down, and so I should as well" mentality.

There is something quite gnawing though about that feeling that all your friends are getting married and having kids.

To be honest I find baby/wedding related conversations quite tedious a lot of the time - of course a lot of this is simply because I don't like any subject matter on which I don't feel I have anything to contribute (yea, I like the sound of my own voice or whatever).

Inevitably when people have kids their attentions are focused elsewhere - and of course they absolutely should be, I'm not suggesting anyone should be a neglectful parent or whatever... but things are never going to be quite the same again.

Posted by John at 2006/08/31 08:50:23.

Comment 3

AHAHAHHHA :) Great stuff! How did you fish it off the net? I mean what did you look for?! Anyways it terribly reminds me of ROB's LEGO THEATRE!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/31 08:51:35.

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