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Few More Steps

Posted on 2006/08/30 19:45:34 (August 2006).

[28th - 30th August 2006]

Nothing special to report in these three days. I have successfully repaired my mountain-bike, bought a new lock for it, started looking for houses in the area that might fit the needs that I will have and started browsing the web for some possible cars to buy and read the reviews.
At the same time I went for a massive food shopping session, cleaned the house and rearranged my bed in a way that it can be used to sleep on it and not as a boxes stock as it was until now.

All in all the setting up efforts are taking a lot of time and still I have this sense of not getting anywhere.
The main block is the impending trip to Japan. I will have to discuss the contract and sign it, understand a lot of basic things that I will need to base some decisions when I come back (where to get the house, what car to buy etc etc)...

Tomorrow I will have yet another session with my uncle, hopefully that will shed some more light on the fiscal points that still need addressing in the setting up of the company, after all I need to make some sort of economic plan to understand how profitable the venture will be...

I can't wait to be in my new flat in two moths time, when everything, I hope, will be clearer!

Comment 1

The changes are certaintly keeping you busy, Lox! At least now you have all your gear back in Florence. Th etrip to Japan will clear the air a bit - and if you meet up with John you can get to chat with him about it all!!

It's certainly scary talking to friends who are heading off on "another route" or "settling down" as we say in the UK.

It's funny, I look around and sometimes think - "Oh! I've settled down. That's it then..." But there is still that fire in my heart wanting me to strike out anew...

Posted by Nigel at 2006/08/30 22:20:18.

Comment 2

Nigel: You are right... Settling down SHOULD not change the attitude too much, that's why under that point of view I got a bit more relaxed. Of course there are people that are completely changed by settling down, but that's another story and we'll see what happens. As for me it is not a comfortable suit to wear (at the moment), so I'll skip on the prospect for some time.

As for being busy, I quite like it, though I'd love it to be less "murky" but that should be only a matter of time! (hopefully)

Posted by Lox at 2006/08/31 08:50:27.

Comment 3

hummm....... “Settling down”. I guess that's what I've been up to in the last 12 months or so. My now husband and I bought our first home, got married and now we're paying down all our debts in the hopes of being better situated financially to start our family in another year or two.

In the last three years since meeting my husband I have been completely torn at times with this idea of “settling down”. Thinking but I wanted to do this, and that and the other things too. I guess perhaps it comes down to priorities. I have a passion for running my own business but with buying a house and planning a wedding it kinda took a back seat (did I mention I also work full-time too?). But with Fall approaching I find my phone ringing and business is good again. And just like that I’ve been thrown into my insanely busy schedule that I love and keeps working full-time for someone else, tolerable.

I guess I’m a woman who wants it all, husband, family, career. Settling down has changed my attitude about my business at times but ultimately I wouldn’t be as happy if I didn’t have my husband in my life and the prospect of a family too (this is my internal clock-ticking I'm sure). Priorities change depending on the day/week/month/year and change is good!

my 2 cents

Posted by Malinda at 2006/08/31 17:07:08.

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