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Posted on 2006/10/02 23:35:09 (October 2006).

[2nd October 2006]

After a Sunday spent ironing, watching football and discussing invoicing methods with my uncle, today I have set off to see some houses.

To be honest in the end I manged to see only one.

The apartment is quite nice, not huge but it might be enough for the purpose of living plus having a little office for the company, rent is decent too.
I left the house thinking that it might have come the day to leave my mother's house and really starting to get things rolling for me.

As it happens in these cases browsing one of the millions magazines with rental ads, I also found another option that might be interesting, but the guy of the agency said that he's got time only on Friday afternoon.
Normally I wouldn't care too much about it, but having lost a very good house before due to a little procrastination on my side, I am now worried that I might loose this train too.

I'll try calling the agency tomorrow to see if it is possible to schedule the appointment earlier.

Looking for houses is quite hard, especially because I am concentrating on flats that have an office contract rather than a normal residential one.
My uncle said that in that way I can save some money off the taxes.

I also have to sort out the furniture problem, I have some pieces myself and the landlady said that she can remove any of the things that I find useless, the house is furbished as a matter of fact.
Negative points are the absence of car park, and the fact the the area is not the greatest in Florence...

So far I have been thinking about finding a good location, not so much about actually having to sort it out to make a decent flat. Sometimes I wish things would come pre-packed and ready to eat, like a frozen pizza! :)

Anyways, in the afternoon I did a bit of work with my uncle, checking financial positions of our main suppliers, then I went back home after a bit of grocery shopping.

Nothing eventful, I feel that I ought to do more to get this business on line, but on the other side the total absence of a place to live and to work from is quite crippling.

On the contract side there are little news yet, this week the company that I work for said that they were going to let me know the result of the discussions about the proposal that I sent them, I still need to be paid for September and the 4000 euro that I have spent for them are quite an heavy burden on my bank account.

Let's hope that everything moves swiftly, the only thing that is certain is that I'll be in Japan again from the 26th of November till the 16th of December, by then, I must have all the presentations made, the house sorted, the car running.

Comment 1

That is very interesting - a flat where you can work from and claim tax-relief because of it!! A good idea!!

I hope Mits... whoever, get their fingers out and pay you what they owe you! You have now shown your considerable committment to them, let's see them "appreciate" it!!!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/03 13:40:38.

Comment 2

Best of luck, man, best of luck !

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/04 07:59:49.

Comment 3

Apparently we are on the closing matters as far as the contract is concerned. THe problem now is that I have to deal with two separate sections of this company and there are still points that need to be ironed by the looks of it... Oh well, it's just a matter of time I guess... I might be close to makeing my very first invoice!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/04 08:00:52.

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