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Posted on 2006/10/05 09:58:57 (October 2006).

[4th October 2006]

Today I set off trying to sort out the house issue once and for all, I got a nice appointment with the estate agent and I managed to do nothing.
Basically the way it works in this country is that you have to sign a sort of pre-contract, which is legally bounding.
This means that if they agree to the rent proposal that you give them then you are forced to take the house even if you changed your mind all of a sudden.
Failure to do that results in paying money as a penalty.

So I went there and asked them to give me the copy of the contract before signing anything, but of course they didn't have it ready so basically I need to come back again collect the papers, get them checked by my uncle and then eventually commit to a written request.

Hopefully the whole thing will not take more than a couple of days, meaning that my plan of having the house sorted before the end of the week will be fulfilled.

On a secondary note, I have been proclaimed an “IDOL” by some of my new clients.

It's kind of strange, I have been knowing them since one month, but the impression that I must have made is certainly big, everyone seems to like me, which of course is doubly good, for work related reasons and ego related ones.
In Japan being an Idol (a real one) is really hard job, as there are always throngs of people following you everywhere, screaming at your passage and generally getting crazy over your presence.

Incidentally I let my mind roam a bit in a sort of night dream while going back home on the bike, I can see me in a couple of years meeting some TV hot shot, maybe through the friendships that I am making at the moment.
He likes me as well and invites me to one of the many programs that are on Japanese TV, then just with one show I become a real Idol and my life changes all together! Anyways just a dream of course!!

Yesterday we went to this fairly common restaurant, there were nine of us, the two clients are the ones with whom I went out on Friday.

Standard dinner that started with the explanation of the whole menu (sometimes it can be hard), and ended up later with five bottles of wine gone and a couple of beers too.

Normally Japanese people cannot drink TOO much, but these two clients that I have been out with during September defy completely this scheme.
It's starting to get scary, as I don't like drinking too much myself, and the next trip to Japan has already been planned and I will have at least 10 dinners out together with these new clients, colleagues, bosses and so on.

Either I am going to get fat like a cow, or I am going to need a new liver by the 16th of December...

Comment 1

Sounds like hard-work, Lox! And as for the new liver... will that be with onions and gravy ;) Yum!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/05 11:37:36.

Comment 2

Maybe you can borrow one of Johns. They are INDESTRUCTABLE!!!

Posted by Kev at 2006/10/05 22:12:58.

Comment 3

Kev: Yeah! Good idea he must have a great supplier of livers, I'll enquire when I see him next!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/06 12:19:04.

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