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Cars, Flat and yet more taxes

Posted on 2006/10/06 20:37:49 (October 2006).

[6th October 2006]

So that's it! I have done it. I have set my mind to the car and tomorrow I will go and buy it. At the same time the crappy estate agent finally gave me the contract proposal and my uncle approved most of it, meaning that I can go on Monday to make the official proposal.
The way things work here is that I make some requests (normally lower rent and less money to give up front in the “damage fund”, a sort of insurance to the landlord that I am not going to thrash the place), then if the landlord accepts I am legally bound to accept the contract.
Failing to do that results in loosing a lot of money.
This is why I wanted to see the contract first.. Anyways, if all goes to plan I will also have a house on Monday, which is what I really needed as I must move forward with my life.

More delays woes on the textile part, but fortunately the tones have lowered a little (my Japanese boss was in total panic yesterday), while the very bad news are once more the tax side of my company.

Due to the new government I have already lost a lot of chances to claim taxes for the new automobile. This is a sheer loss of at least 3/5000 euro.
I voted these guys so I feel rather gutted!
To make things worse my uncle told me that I cannot claim part of the expenses that I will sustain for the company, once again I am quite upset about it, as you might understand.
Tomorrow I will see my uncle to check if there is a way to work around this issue, if it is not possible it will be another loss of 3000 euro per year.
Needless to say that I cannot change the contract now (by the way we are still discussing over it!!!), and I haven't managed to get paid yet meaning that I am quite dry on the financial point of view at the moment...

I hope it's just a bad spell, surely things will improve.

On a more positive note, tomorrow morning I will play football again after almost one year since my operation at the cruciate ligament. I am thrilled like the first time I stepped into a pitch when I was six years old, on the other side I am a bit worried, I hope that I will be able to finish the match and start a new career from now.
In any case I'll play goalkeeper to avoid unnecessary tackles and possible injuries, I must take things easy especially now that is the first matches...

Wish me luck!

Comment 1

Well, over here Lox, it's considered bad luck to wish someone good luck before a show or a game!!! People often say "break a leg" however I feel this would be totally inappropriate for you!! So all I will say is "play like the wind!!" ;)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/06 21:01:05.

Comment 2

Nigel: Actually is the same in Italy too, especially before a game the worse thing you could say is "have a good game!!"... So I'll take the play like the wind one!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/07 07:58:27.

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