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I have a new Car!!

Posted on 2006/10/09 19:21:38 (October 2006).

[7th October 2006]

Finally I have bought it! A new car. The very first new car of my LIFE! It's a Volkswagen Golf 1,9 TDI, no fancy things because I couldn't afford spending more money on it, but I am happy of this choice. Let's hope it's a good car!

In the evening we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean II, I strongly advise everyone to refrain from such movie as it is a piece of shite. Even Johnny Deep is under par to his usual performances..

That's it really!

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Hey! Very nice car!! The Golf will be much appreciated I'm sure (yes, I have had a couple over the years!) - and a 1.9 TDI is no slouch!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/09 22:09:35.

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