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Posted on 2006/10/12 13:41:39 (October 2006).

[12th October 2006]

Today I am going to pick up the new car.
This is the very first new car that I buy so I am in the midst of a maelstrom of feelings.

I am excited of course. Finally the car has arrived.
I am scared. New things attract unwanted attention usually, plus it's a bigger car than what I am used to so I hope that I am good at driving it.
I am sad. My 106 is going to be scrapped and with her many memories of the last six years.

If this is a new car for me, the very first car has been the 106, bought used from a friend, and worthy companion during my northern days.

But as a new era has begun I think that I should look forward rather than backwards.

Luckily for me I have managed to avoid picking the car on Friday 13th (tomorrow), although I am sure that if something bad has to happen it will happen even on a more anonymous Thursday 12th.

On the house situation I am pretty much close to signing the contract, which opens a whole new world of problems (at least here in Italy)like, getting the electricity and gas to work (hours at the respective offices to get the contract with them too), TELEPHONE AND INTERNET (this is going to take at least 1 month, I am not joking).

On the latter I have decided to go with Tiscali, which you probably have in the UK too. It's an alleged 8Mbit ADSL + VoIP telephone included.
Yeah, if the ADSL stops working or the router is off line, you cannot call, but it seems a decent service and I cannot stand having to use the normal Telecom Italia line, especially because they charge you an hefty 70 Euro (since I must register as a business contract) every two months just for the pleasure of having their services.
Call it Telephone Tax, but if I go with some other operator I don't have to pay it...

Anyways things are moving finally towards the direction that I planned, hopefully by November I will be in the new house and I will be able to concentrate on the job...

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