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The Weekend

Posted on 2006/10/15 20:29:36 (October 2006).

[14th - 15th October 2006]

Marta arrived on Friday night, quite late as it was past eleven in the evening. I went to pick her up with my new car, and we went to this sort of American bar, where she could have something to eat, and we drank a couple of beers (rigorously Guinness for me).
Then it was bedtime.

On Saturday we went to IKEA for a spot of shopping there, one week ago Marta bought a sofa but wasn't able to find the cover for it, as for me I had to start looking for a bookshelf, a table for my computer, some chairs.

After the furniture business, we went to this other shopping mall to do yet more shopping, Marta had to buy a new watch and she also found a nice red dress from Zara, as for me I went looking for some ankle bandages for my football efforts, but I found none.

By the time we were back home it was quite late, but we managed to organize a great dinner with Federico and Gianfranco at the Indian restaurant close to my house, and a movie in the evening.
The movie of choice was “The Devil wears Prada”, which I loved completely. It IS exactly (well more or less) the same situations that I live in my work every day, it was quite accurate in its descriptions and I loved the acting.

On Sunday nothing special to report, Marta went away around 2 ish in the afternoon, and I went to see Fiorentina winning against Empoli. Then I came back home to see that my mum managed to plug the USB adaptor of the ADLS modem, ON THE OTHER WAY ROUND, effectively destroying her machine.
I didn't wanna know how she managed to do such a thing so I left her to her woes.
In the evening a nice frozen pizza and now some computing, maybe I'll call someone to go out, maybe I'll stay at home...

I have a strange sense of uneasiness, I can't really put my finger on the cause, but I don't like it... Let's hope that the next week will bring some good news on the house front, I really need to start that part of my life too, only then I will be 100% flying solo...

Let's hope I'll be able to “fly casual”!

Comment 1

You left her to her woes ?! Ungrateful son !
I can imagine your face when assessing the damage, saying wearily and almost with desperation in your voice :
Mama ! Ma cosa hai fatto ancora ?! Per piacere, la prossima volta, lasciami fare !!!
(Moooooom ! What the heck have you done ?! Please, next time, let me do it !)

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/16 09:49:44.

Comment 2

No, to be honest I was just pisse doff because it seems that everything that happens to that computer is my responsibility. It's a typical behaviour that I cannot stand and that is also part of the reason why I want to go away from here as soon as possible...

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/16 13:09:56.

Comment 3

Well at least you got to see Marta!! Splendid!! :)

So let me see... A beautiful woman, some Guinness, good food and a football match!! Sounds like you had an amazingly good weekend!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/16 14:25:57.

Comment 4

Ah, Lox! Your sense of unease is because of your attitude to your mama's computer problem.
Of course it is your fault! You should have been there to set up mama's computer - not out drinking guinness with a beautiful lady.
Sons are SOOO selfish! (grin)

Posted by Tim's mum at 2006/10/17 13:11:29.

Comment 5

Tim's Mum: Well, what can I say? Maybe it is my fault... :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/17 13:27:20.

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