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Lox is Idle

Posted on 2006/10/17 22:11:52 (October 2006).

[17th October 2006]

SIP is the acronym for one of the new “technologies” that were added to Windows XP a long time ago, when it was launched.
It stands for System Idle Process, keeps the CPU from running uselessly, apparently.

Well, today my SIP has been using a lot of memory and CPU cycles, as I have been at home doing fuck all.
Not that I don't like it, it's just that the plans that I had for the week (basically signing the rent contract as soon as possible) completely went pear shaped when I got the phone call from the estate agent that the landlord wants one of my parents to sign the contract as a sponsor...

I have no tax return to show for the company at the moment (it only started last month!), so I had to produce my parents pay slips.
Not a great problem I thought, but the fact that either one of them has to be present makes things a lot more complicated, as they are busy and it's not easy to get a free moment out of their schedule.

I am also waiting to know when the landlord is going to decide to be free, but I have the distinct feeling that the house keys are not going to be in my hands before Friday, which means having to rush at the weekend to move all the bulky stuff.

My urgency for the house is due by the fact that the sole process of getting all the basic stuff (electricity, gas) takes ages and days queuing, while the REAL urgent stuff (Internet, phone) will take at least one month before it's operational.
The latter is what scares me most, as on the 26th of November I am off to Japan for three weeks and if by any chance the service is not running, it's likely that it will be attached/started when I am not there, meaning that I cannot try out anything.

Tomorrow I will go and try to register myself with some doctor in Florence, also this process is bound to get me upset, surely they will need a document that states that I was born here and there with a stick protunding out of mu arse and a tramp card in my right hand...

When I am finished with all this bureaucracy I am going to drink not less than 5 pints of Guinness.

Comment 1

I particularly like the very last line of this entry, Lox!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/18 23:53:35.

Comment 2

Nigel: By any chance you are not coming to Florence right? I haven't got a lot of drinking buddies here and I am sure you'd make a perfect one! Especially when Guinness is involved!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/19 08:58:46.

Comment 3

French bureaucracy is one thing, Italian bureaucracy quite another!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/19 10:49:39.

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